Kwithu FM Zambia
Kwithu FM Zambia
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Advertising your business on radio at affordable rates

Kwithu FM Zambia understands Lusaka like no other media platform. If you are a business owner they can connect you to:

  • More than 2 million listeners from high-density townships and communities
  • Consumers with an aspirational need for FMCG, entertainment, healthcare, transport, clothing, etc
  • Community youth with an appetite for local news content
  • Commuters that cut across segments such as students, marketeers, white-collar staff, entrepreneurs and more.
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Advertising your business on radio at affordable rates
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Kwithu FM Zambia
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Broadcasting on 93.3FM, Kwithu FM is the people's platform. It is a radio station that meets Lusaka's masses where they are - in community. Kwithu does not aspire to be less or more than a platform for the voices of Zambians living in the thriving communities across the city. It is quite simply the thriving pulse of Lusaka's 4 million-plus residents. Their listeners are aged between 18 to 45 and mass-market consumers that are switched on to current affairs, fashion trends, entertainment and everything they have come to think townships are not familiar with. Providing a meaningful link to the masses across Lusaka city, companies and individuals can take advantage of this opportunity to advertise on Kwithu FM at affordable rates.