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Phil Opticians Ltd
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12 months ago

Are you a fashionista that lives on the edge?

Shop our stylish clear glasses 🤓 that will make you stand out from the rest. According to the advice of a licensed doctor, Phil Opticians offers all types of lenses. They have a variety of contemporary designer eyeglasses in both plastic and metal, and both plastic and glass are available for the lenses. Reebok and Specsavers, a high-end UK retailer, are represented by Phil Opticians in Zambia.

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Are you a fashionista that lives on the edge?
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Phil Opticians Ltd
Health & medical schemes
Phil Opticians offers an international standard opticians service and comprehensive eye examinations that includes auto-refractometer to refine refractive errors; non-contact tonometer for eye pressure; visual activity tests for distance, near and intermediate vision; refraction assessments determining prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses; ishihara's test for colour blindness; as well as other eye health tests. They stock ranges of glasses, sun glasses, contact lenses and related products.