Chaliko Car Hire Ltd
Chaliko Car Hire Ltd
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7 months ago

Weekend Car Rental?

Chaliko Car Hire is a premier car rental company based in Lusaka. They offer differentiated transport and pride themselves on providing affordable and quality car rental services to their customers. Their fleet includes sedan cars and 4x4s, and they can be reached via phone or email for reservations. Call or WhatsApp on +260 965517732 or 0211 236075, or send an email to to book your rental today.

+260 965517732/0211 236075
Weekend Car Rental?
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Chaliko Car Hire Ltd
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Chaliko Car Hire is poised to redefine the car rental industry with its unique, bespoke and premium offerings. Boasting a variety of well-maintained fleet, this company offers an excellent service through its dedicated workforce. Chaliko pledges to provide the transport needs of all its clients and will work tirelessly to ensure that they are provided with a solution to their problems. The company will meet each client’s needs whether a tourist, VIP or a business traveller coming to Zambia.