Learning about climate change at NGK

The team visited Norbert Gymnasium-Knechtsteden (NGK) which is a private high school in Dormagen City and seats next to the famous Monastery and Nature Conservation Centre.

The high school tour was followed by a penal discussion on climate change and presentations from the 11th grade students about sustainability and sdgs work they do. Both Mayor Erik Lierenfeld and George Mwanza gave some open remarks about the role they are playing as civic leaders around climate protection and in building resilient cities.

"Our CEO Billy Lombe gave an inspirational talk on youth and climate change and how important it is for both Global North and Global South youth to work together to deal with climate crisis issues. "

The visit at NGK school was an important step by City of Dormagen and Chipata towards the realisation of the student exchange visit project to be developed between the two Cities.

- CZWDA Update-

Learning about climate change at NGK
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