Great Wall Casino
Great Wall Casino
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11 months ago

A great place to play, eat, drink and socialise.

  • Great Wall Casino in Lusaka, Zambia offers world-class gaming facilities for both novice and seasoned gamers, with a diverse mix of clients.
  • Services provided by the casino include table games, gaming machines, poker tables, a lounge and bar, and a VIP lounge for high-stakes gaming.
  • The lounge and bar offer a spacious and relaxed atmosphere, exceptional drink and food menu, and live sports on the screen.
  • The VIP lounge caters to top players and maintains a relaxed and comfortable ambience, offering complimentary drinks, food, and cigarettes.
  • Location of Great Wall Casino is on Lumumba Road, Kafue Roundabout, Lusaka, Zambia, with operating hours from 11:00-03:00.

A great place to play, eat, drink and socialise.
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Great Wall Casino
VIP lounge
The lounge and bar
Focused on world class gaming facilities, with a wide variety of choices from beginner to established players, Great Wall Casino offers casino entertainment at its best. You'll be treated as a VIP guest and enjoy the true ambiance of an established gentlemen's club. This casino welcomes a diverse mix of clients – from seasoned gamer to complete novice. Relax and chill out here, where flavours of the orient combine with old world opulence. Great Wall Casino does not require you to join as a member – guests can walk right in and start playing. With a well-established client base, this casino also attracts a steady stream of new clients.