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11 months ago

Still struggling to grow that beard?

  • Beard Boys Beard Balm Silverlake Joe

Nourish your facial hair with Beard Boys Bead Balm. This scented balm is formulated with natural butter and wax to control the condition of facial hair.

  • Beard Boys Crafted Shaving Cream 100ml

Enhancing your shaving experience with this one-of-a-kind shaving cream enriched with nourishing shea butter and avocado butter to deliver a clean shave.

  • Beard Boys Shaving Oil 100ml

Improve your morning routine with Beard Boys Shaving Oil. An effective shaving oil created with natural ingredients that prevent razor burns and rashes.

Still struggling to grow that beard?
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A Zambian owned company that has partnered with international brands of cosmetics to supply an extensive range of hair and skin care products that are professionally formulated to make your hair healthy and look beautiful. If you love ethnic hair, you can also get in touch for a wide selection of hair extensions to choose from. Business owners looking for a company that can brand their clothing or gifts can engage Mtongwata Enterprise for professional corporate branding services. Their team is committed to always offer the best quality products and services to individuals and companies with a high level of excellence and very good turnaround times.