Zulu Burrow Consulting
Zulu Burrow Consulting
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11 months ago

Have you seen some Zulu Burrowing's major multi-story structures?

In various parts of Zambia, Zulu Burrow Consulting has been in charge of designing and/or supervising the construction of a sizable number of commercial, residential, and industrial projects, including numerous multi-story office, residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial structures. The structural planning and management of the New Central Statistics Building and Godfrey Chitalu House are two of their projects.

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Have you seen some Zulu Burrowing's major multi-story structures?
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Zulu Burrow Consulting
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With over 45 years’ experience, Zulu Burrow Consulting offers civil and structural engineering consultancy services in a wide range of sectors. This includes transportation in the widest sense (including roads and bridges), commercial, industrial and engineering (including rural/township water supply and sewerage reticulation and treatment, both in urban and rural setting) and infrastructure development to support smallholder and commercial agriculture. This company is committed to provide efficient and cost-effective engineering and consultancy services to develop sites that meet their client’s specific construction goals.