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Assessments of water resources and borehole location

Finding an appropriate water source is usually the first step in any new development, whether it be a small or large commercial farm, an industrial development, or a residential property. By evaluating a location's potential for surface and groundwater, Aquaquest can help with this.

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Assessments of water resources and borehole location
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Established in 2010, Aquaquest is a Zambian water resources consultancy firm that is specialised in providing advice on water management and development in Zambia and the region. Their cost effective services include ground water surveys, drilling supervision and contract management, borehole assessment, development of water supply and irrigation schemes, geographic information system (GIS) and database development. Aquaquest has had a close affiliation with WE Consult in Uganda, Mozambique, and other neighbouring countries, working on various water consultancy projects with them. Aquaquest Zambia has developed a network of associate specialists in all major fields of water development activities.