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Buffalo Bicycles
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Highlights from World Bicycle Day

Buffalo Bicycles are designed for heavy loads on Africa's rough roads. A Buffalo bike is the result of many years of skilled engineering, testing, and quality control. In order to ensure that owners have access to nearby, professional repair service, each bike is provided with a small toolkit and a pump for simple maintenance.

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Highlights from World Bicycle Day
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Buffalo Bicycles
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Buffalo Bicycles is an initiative of World Bicycle Relief. It is a leading commercial brand of bicycles with a bicycle assembly facility and a storage capacity of 5,000 bicycles. They offer complete reliability and comfort and are dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihoods. Buffalo Bicycles have been forensically lab tested to withstand the rough and tough terrains of the country. The rear rack/carrier has a carrying capacity of over 100kg, and a durable seat with twin springs for comfort. Bicycle colours include black, red and green.