Radio Christian Voice (RCV)
Radio Christian Voice (RCV)
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11 months ago

RCV is one of the first radio stations ever in Zambia

Currently, Radio Christian Voice (RCV) is heard on 105.3 and 98.9 FM in the Copperbelt, 101.1 FM in Kapiri Mposhi, 98.9 FM in Livingstone, 98.9 FM in Ndola, and 106.5 FM in Solwezi. The frequency in Lusaka is 106.1FM. RCV thinks that through using programming to spread gospel-centered moral standards founded on biblical principles, it has a great impact on many people and entire nations.

+260 960200490
RCV is one of the first radio stations ever in Zambia
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Radio Christian Voice (RCV)
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Radio Christian Voice (RCV) is an independent radio station that has been broadcasting the best Christian music and programming to Central and Southern Africa since 1994. It reaches people through programming that is current, up to date and relevant to them. By working closely with local pastors and the community, Radio Christian Voice seeks to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers. Business owners and organizations can also advertise on this station at affordable rates.