Luambe National Park
Luambe National Park
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Discovering the Wildlife Haven: Luambe National Park, Zambia

Luambe National Park, located in Zambia's Eastern Province, is a wildlife-rich, scenic sanctuary gaining popularity among locals and tourists for its conservation efforts.

Situated in the Eastern Province of Zambia, Luambe National Park is a wildlife haven that deserves a place on every nature enthusiast's bucket list. Spanning a modest area of just 63 km² (24 sq. miles), this park is a sanctuary for a variety of large game including puku, impala, warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck, kudu, hippo, and zebra. The park, nestled amidst the Luangwa River and its charming oxbow lagoons, promises breathtaking vistas that will captivate any visitor. As one explores the park, either by vehicle or on foot, they can expect to encounter the mighty buffalo herds and an impressive diversity of bird species. Over the years, Luambe National Park has seen a surge in tourism, becoming a favorite destination for both locals and travelers from afar. Accommodation options abound, ranging from high-end luxury lodges to simpler camping sites, ensuring a suitable choice for every visitor. The park’s commitment to wildlife conservation is evident in its initiatives like the black eagle reintroduction project, which might even give lucky visitors a rare sighting. Luambe National Park, with its stunning landscape and rich wildlife, is continually drawing more visitors who leave with unforgettable memories of their time in this idyllic Zambian retreat.

Discovering the Wildlife Haven: Luambe National Park, Zambia
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Luambe National Park
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Luambe National Park, one of Zambia’s smallest national parks, is a unique destination for tourists looking to explore African wildlife. Situated in the heart of the Luangwa Valley between Lukusuzi and North and South Luangwa National Parks, it offers stunning views and an array of large game species such as puku, impala, warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck, kudu, hippo and zebra. Located in Zambia's Eastern Province and surrounded by the Luangwa River and its oxbow lagoons, Luambe National Park is an ideal spot for a safari camp getaway. Spread over only 63 km² (24 sq. miles), the park provides an opportunity to witness nature’s beauty at its finest. Whether it's viewing the majestic herds of buffaloes from a distance or simply admiring the abundant birdlife, visitors will not be disappointed with their visit to Luambe National Park. The park has experienced a rapid growth in popularity among tourists and local travellers alike over recent years. With a wide selection of accommodation options, from luxury lodges to basic campsites, there's something for everyone in this unique corner of Zambia.