Deniz Blocks
Deniz Blocks
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Manufactures and supplies of high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones

Deniz Blocks is a company in Zambia that specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality building blocks. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of building materials in the country.

Deniz Blocks offers a wide range of building blocks, including interlocking blocks, hollow blocks, and solid blocks. These blocks are made from locally sourced materials and are designed to withstand the harsh Zambian climate. They are also affordable and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for both large-scale construction projects and individual home builders.

Deniz Blocks is a leading provider of high-quality concrete blocks in Zambia When it comes to transporting and delivering their products to customers, Deniz Blocks has a well-established process that ensures timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Firstly, all blocks are carefully loaded onto trucks at the manufacturing site, ensuring that they are stacked securely and safely. Deniz Blocks uses well-maintained trucks that are regularly serviced and equipped with GPS tracking devices to monitor the location and progress of deliveries.

Once the blocks are loaded onto the trucks, they are transported to the customer's location. Deniz Blocks has a team of experienced drivers who are trained to handle the blocks with care, ensuring that they arrive at the customer's location in the same condition as when they left the manufacturing site.

Upon arrival, the blocks are carefully offloaded from the trucks and placed at the customer's designated location. Deniz Blocks takes great care to ensure that the blocks are placed in a manner that is convenient for the customer, and that they are not damaged during the offloading process.

In summary, Deniz Blocks has a well-established process for transporting and delivering their high-quality concrete blocks to customers in Zambia With a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Deniz Blocks is a trusted provider of concrete blocks for a wide range of construction projects.

Shantumbu Road, Lilayi, Lusaka, Zambia
Manufactures and supplies of high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones
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Deniz Blocks
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Deniz Blocks manufactures and supplies high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones, specialising in interlocking blocks. This company uses a hydraulic machine with a vibrator, ensuring that there are no air bubbles or cavities that would weaken the blocks and pavings. Deniz Blocks is an innovative company with highly experienced staff who ensure complete customer satisfaction. It has three branches in Lusaka, one in Chilanga and one in Kafue.