Kwithu FM Zambia
Kwithu FM Zambia
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7 months ago

A radio station that meets Lusaka's masses where they are

Kwithu FM Zambia is a radio station that caters to the masses of Lusaka, Zambia, by meeting them where they are. This means that the station broadcasts on a frequency that is easily accessible to the majority of the population, and offers programming that speaks to their interests and needs.

Kwithu FM Zambia is committed to providing informative and entertaining content that reflects the diverse voices and experiences of the people of Lusaka. The station features a mix of music, news, talk shows, and cultural programming, all designed to engage listeners and foster a sense of community.

One of the hallmarks of Kwithu FM Zambia is its commitment to promoting local talent and supporting the development of Zambian culture. The station regularly features up-and-coming musicians, poets, and other artists, as well as highlighting community events and initiatives.

Kwithu FM Zambia is an important part of the media landscape in Lusaka, providing a platform for the voices and perspectives of the city's residents, and helping to build a more vibrant and connected community.

Hot FM Media House, Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 957 090996
A radio station that meets Lusaka's masses where they are
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Kwithu FM Zambia
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Broadcasting on 93.3FM, Kwithu FM is the people's platform. It is a radio station that meets Lusaka's masses where they are - in community. Kwithu does not aspire to be less or more than a platform for the voices of Zambians living in the thriving communities across the city. It is quite simply the thriving pulse of Lusaka's 4 million-plus residents. Their listeners are aged between 18 to 45 and mass-market consumers that are switched on to current affairs, fashion trends, entertainment and everything they have come to think townships are not familiar with. Providing a meaningful link to the masses across Lusaka city, companies and individuals can take advantage of this opportunity to advertise on Kwithu FM at affordable rates.