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Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd
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Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd Lusaka, Zambia Irrigation equipment

Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd is a company based in Lusaka, Zambia that specializes in providing irrigation equipment for agricultural purposes. Their product line includes various types of irrigation systems such as sprinklers, drip irrigation, and center pivot irrigation.

Their sprinkler system is designed to provide a uniform distribution of water over a large area, making it ideal for crops such as wheat, maize, and vegetables. The drip irrigation system is perfect for crops that require a more precise and controlled application of water, such as fruits and nuts. Center pivot irrigation is a more advanced type of irrigation that provides a circular coverage area and is suitable for large-scale farming operations.

Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd's irrigation equipment is made from high quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh African climate and provide reliable service for many years. They also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure that their customers get the most out of their irrigation equipment.

11839 Lubumbashi Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
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  Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd Lusaka, Zambia Irrigation equipment
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Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd
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Since 2000, Simply Red has been the approved distributor in Zambia for Franklin Electrical complete water systems, specialising in pumps and water reticulation together with electrical and irrigation systems. All products sold by Simply Red are under warranty and are obtained from manufacturers who are ISO certified. This company also offers advice, installation and maintenance programs. There are also plans to expand to other parts of the country.