Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.7FM)
Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.7FM)
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6 months ago

Your source for balanced news coverage

Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.7 FM) is a radio station that provides its listeners with the best, balanced, and objective news coverage of issues in the Copperbelt region. The station prides itself on keeping its listeners informed about what is happening locally, as well as nationally and internationally.

One of the unique features of Your Anthem Radio is that it is the first radio station in the country to launch a radio app. Listeners can download the 'YAR FM APP' on the App store. This app enables listeners to stay informed and connected with the station, no matter where they are.

Through the YAR FM APP, listeners can easily access the station's live stream, as well as the latest news updates, weather forecasts, and other important information. Additionally, the app provides listeners with an easy-to-use platform to engage with the station and participate in various contests and promotions.

Your Anthem Radio is a reliable source of news and information for listeners in the Copperbelt region and beyond. The station's commitment to balanced and objective reporting, coupled with the convenience of its radio app, makes it a go-to source for those who want to stay informed and connected.

Obote Avenue, City Centre, Kitwe, Zambia
+260 212 220898
Your source for balanced news coverage
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Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.7FM)
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This radio station was incorporated in 2004 and trades as YAR FM. It is the first commercial radio station to operate on the Copperbelt and is now being referred to as the authoritative voice of the region. Your Anthem Radio broadcasts from Kitwe on 89.7 FM to surrounding areas on the Copperbelt, with a rotational listenership base of over four million people. YAR FM presents a great opportunity for companies and individuals in and outside the Copperbelt to effectively advertise their goods and services.