Fertilisers that will help maximise yields and improve yield quality

Foliar fertilisers are a type of plant nutrient that can be directly applied to the leaves of a plant and absorbed through them. Zambian Crop and Veterinary Care offers a range of liquid foliar fertilisers, each of which has been designed to promote the most efficient uptake of nutrients through crop leaves. By applying these fertilisers during critical growth stages, you can maximise your crop yields and improve the overall quality of your crops.

One of the key benefits of foliar fertilisers is that they can be quickly absorbed by the plant, providing a rapid response to nutrient deficiencies. This is especially important during critical growth stages, when plants require specific nutrients to support their development. By applying foliar fertilisers during these stages, you can ensure that your plants have the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Foliar fertilisers can also help to reduce nutrient loss and improve the efficiency of your fertiliser applications. Because the nutrients are applied directly to the leaves, there is less risk of them being lost through leaching or other forms of nutrient loss. This means that you can use less fertiliser overall, while still achieving the same or better results.

Foliar fertilisers are an effective way to promote healthy crop growth and maximise yields. If you're looking to improve your crop production and quality, consider incorporating foliar fertilisers into your fertilisation program.

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Fertilisers that will help maximise yields and improve yield quality
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