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Radio Christian Voice (RCV) image
Radio Christian Voice (RCV)
TV and Radio station
Multimedia and Advertising
Radio Christian Voice (RCV) is an independent radio station that has been broadcasting the best Christian music and programming to Central and Southern Africa since 1994. It reaches people through programming that is current, up to date and relevant to them. By working closely with local pastors and the community, Radio Christian Voice seeks to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers. Business owners and organizations can also advertise on this station at affordable rates.
Rapid Aluminium Ltd image
Rapid Aluminium Ltd
Aluminium windows and doors
Building maintenance
Interiors and Design services
Rapid Aluminium is an independent limited company providing customers with a range of leading-edge aluminium and glass products integrated with security and safety products and support services throughout Zambia. In 25 years of operation, Rapid Aluminium has provided unrivalled quality, value for money services throughout Zambia and the Southern african region.
Chemical and Engineering Supplies Ltd (Saro) image
Chemical and Engineering Supplies Ltd (Saro)
Agricultural equipment
Water treatment and Sanitation
Chemical and Engineering Supplies uniquely holds a good stock of tractors and supporting parts at all times. This means there are no long lead times and you can view real-life models before you make the decision to purchase. There are professional teams on hand in all three stores (Lusaka, Mkushi, and Kitwe) offering their expertise and technical support. Parts are available and servicing can be handled by the company either in-store or on your farm.
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd image
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd
Engineering services
Agricultural equipment
+2 locations
Established in 1986, Saro Agro offers an extensive range of reliable tractors and implements for farmers throughout the region. For all of the products it markets, the company has developed a complete maintenance package at its various workshops. Visit any of their outlets in Lusaka, Mkushi or Kitwe, for water pumps, irrigation systems, trailers, generator sets, solar panels and more.
Chemsol Scientific Ltd image
Chemsol Scientific Ltd
Laboratory chemicals and supplies
Laboratory equipment
Chemsol Scientific is a leading provider of high quality laboratory chemicals and equipment in Zambia. It is an authorised dealer for the Merck, Sigma Aldrich and Millipore brands. With a catalog of more than 300,000 products, their life science business delivers many of the most highly-respected brands in the industry, such as Millipore, Milli-Q, SAFC and BioReliance. Chemsol’s offering covers every step of the biotech production chain, creating a complete end-to-end workflow with enhanced customer service, a simplified interface and a leading distribution platform.
Umoyo Natural Health image
Umoyo Natural Health
Distribution and Merchandising
Toiletries and personal care
+10 locations
Umoyo Natural Health was established in 2007 and has grown into a well-known and highly regarded supplier of natural health products in Zambia. The company sources high quality health products from all over the world, offering them for sale at their many Health Shops around Zambia. Staff undergo regular product training sessions enabling them to respond to clients' questions and recommend suitable products. Umoyo is passionate about health and looks forward to serving you!
University of Africa Zambia image
University of Africa Zambia
eLearning and Distance learning
Courses and Qualifications
Professor Malan is pleased to announce that the University of Africa has merged with Africa Research University to offer a wide selection of masters, bachelor’s degree and diploma programs. They include Business Administration (BBA) and Business Technologies (B-Tech) Courses with various specialised options, Bachelors Primary and Secondary Education with options, Commerce and Development Studies, Law, Occupational Health Safety and Environment, Security and Risk Management as well as Diploma in Early Childhood Education. They also have M Phil and PhD in Development Studies with several options in the School of Post Graduate Studies and research. Diploma holders can now graduate in two years through their Fast Track Option. Enroll any time of the year - Affordable Monthly installments and rewarding scholarships.
Bookworld image
Books and magazines
Printing and Stationery
+11 locations
Bookworld, Zambia's biggest book, and stationery store offer a wide choice of books and stationery at a great value, together with expert advice from a passionate team. No two Bookworld shops are the same, sophisticated stock management systems ensure each bookshop has its own unique profile and space. The company has 11 stores across the country and an eStore with a user-friendly e-commerce system. An extensive selection of books and stationery is also available to online shoppers.
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd image
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd
Engineering services
Agricultural equipment
+2 locations
Established in 1986, Saro Agro offers an extensive range of reliable tractors and implements for farmers throughout the region. For all of the products it markets, the company has developed a complete maintenance package at its various workshops. Visit any of their outlets in Lusaka, Mkushi or Kitwe, for water pumps, irrigation systems, trailers, generator sets, solar panels and more.
Davis and Shirtliff image
Davis and Shirtliff
Pumps and equipment
Power generation
+6 locations
Davis & Shirtliff offers a full range of products and services related to water and energy solutions, with branches in Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Solwezi, Chipata and Livingstone. It is the leading supplier of water and energy solutions in East, Central and Southern Africa. Davis and Shirtliff’s main focus areas are water pumps, borehole pumps, water treatment, swimming pools, solar, generators and irrigation.
Accommodation businesses in Zambia featured on Infobwana cover everything from plush hotel and city lodge right through to campsite. Safari camps are very popular, with their mix of rustic splendour, as well as luxurious safari lodges with a distinct African ambience. In urban areas, guest house, lodge, apartment, hostel and motel accommodation is also available. When choosing where to stay on the Infobwana site, first decide the type of accommodation that suits you and your budget, then select from the list of accommodation businesses in Zambia on Infobwana for a place to stay.
There’s a ton of attractions and lots of exciting things to do in Zambia! Activities and entertainment businesses in Zambia are showcased on Infobwana, offering high octane adventures, wildlife-rich Zambia safaris, fishing expeditions on rivers like the Zambezi, golf, attractions for day trips, energy-renewing spa days, sports, evening entertainment and much more. On Infobwana, select the type of activity or entertainment you're looking for and relevant companies will be presented. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided by Infobwana.
In Infobwana's business supplies businesses in Zambia category, search within business houses offering products to help you run your enterprise in an efficient and competitive manner. These range from suppliers of communications tools, like land-line phone systems and mobile phones, to shops selling small, expendable, daily use items such as paper clips, post-it notes and staples. Find them on Infobwana!
Select from Commercial services businesses in Zambia listed on Infobwana. These companies offer media and marketing services, business and asset management, information systems, IT, logistics management and other professional services. Infobwana works on keeping contact details as up to date as possible.
Select construction businesses in Zambia on Infobwana to find relevant companies. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided. The Zambia construction industry is booming. As a result there are many construction businesses in Zambia including professional services like contractors and architects as well as building equipment and supplies.
Infobwana gives information on Development sector businesses in Zambia providing various kinds of local and international development support. They are involved in interventions related to disaster response, governance, human capital, infrastructure and universal human rights.
In Zambia people respect education and yearn for more of it. On Infobwana you'll find Education and Careers businesses in Zambia that offer all the levels of education - from pre-schools right thorugh to universities - as well as personal and professional development services. Get in touch directly with the institute of interest through the contact details or enquiry form provided on Infobwana.
Products and services offered on Infobwana by environment businesses in Zambia cover boreholes and pumps, drilling services, environmental health products and services, and water and sanitation initiatives. For each particular company, enquire about whatever you need through the contact details or enquiry form on Infobwana.
Find a range of Facilities management businesses in Zambia on Infobwana, to help the management and smooth running of your business or institution. Facilities management includes hospitality and event management, cleaning services and safety and security provision. Select the type of facilities management service you are looking for, choose the most relevant company, and make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided on Infobwana.
Looking for Financial and Legal businesses in Zambia? Infobwana has a directory of such companies, making your life easier. These include banks, software houses, finance management consultancies and lawyers. Infobwana is constantly updating contact details, so you can enquire with confidence.
Whether you're just starting as a farmer and looking for the right property, or are established with agricultural produce to sell (and everything in between), Infobwana can assist you in identifying the most relevant Food and Agriculture businesses in Zambia for your needs. Use the contact details or enquiry form on Infobwana to get in touch.
To find the best food and drink businesses in Zambia, on this Infobwana list select the type of dining experience you are looking for, then the venue that appeals the most. You can make arrangements directly using the contact details or enquiry form provided on Infobwana. You'll find anything from an informal cafe to a premier lounge.
Infobwana lists health and wellness businesses in Zambia such as suppliers of healthcare and healthy living products, clinics, medical services and assorted specialist service providers. When you find the best fit for your needs, connect to the service provider directly using the contact details of enquiry form on Infobwana.
Need help around the home? Infobwana provides a list of Home and Garden service businesses in Zambia to help you.
There are many stakeholders in the world of International development - from beneficiaries right up to bilateral partners. Find a convenient selection of these International development businesses in Zambia on Infobwana and connect with the most relevant using Infobwana's enquiry form.
Infobwana's list of local NGO businesses in Zambia includes national associations, charities and self-help groups. These bodies can position themselves on Infobwana to attract beneficiaries as well as potential funders.
Designed to assist companies in supply chain networks to find suppliers and customers, this Infobwana listing covers different sectors such as groceries, clothing, household goods and industrial products. The procurement process becomes a lot easier when you have access to relevant suppliers. And sellers of finished goods can attract export orders through Infobwana.
Listed on Infobwana under Medical and Scientific businesses in Zambia you'll find laboratories and the services they offer, suppliers of medical equipment and supplies, medical clothing, medical instruments, medical packaging and patient aids, and distributors of pharmaceutical products such as medicines. For scientists and medical professionals seeking to link up with companies that can supply them with the products and services they need to carry out their work, Infobwana is here to help.
Mining makes up a significant part of the Zambian economy, closely followed by hydro energy. Whether you're looking for business partnerships and consultants, mining machinery and parts, or drilling and exploration services, Mining and Energy businesses in Zambia are listed on Infobwana for you to contact them directly using the contact details given or the enquiry form.
On Infobwana, personal service businesses in Zambia include financial service providers, hair and beauty shops, advisory services, communication facilities, online order delivery companies, and locations that can host your private functions. Select enterprises of interest from Infobwana to find the item or service you're looking for.
From temples and churches to mosques and synagogues on Infobwana, places of worship businesses in Zambia play an important role in daily life and are often a priceless part of Zambia’s heritage. Whatever your religious persuasion, find a place of worship on Infobwana.
Shopping businesses in Zambia - from groceries through to fashion and motoring - all on Infobwana. There are a host of quality shops in towns and cities across Zambia. Select the type of shopping experience you want and relevant companies will be presented on Infobwana. New shopping malls are springing up in all the major towns and cities in Zambia, with local and international stores to cater for all your retail needs. On Infobwana you'll find top class restaurants, brilliant jewellery stores, fashion shops, electronics outlets and lots more.
Looking for a way of getting around Zambia? Infobwana can help. There are many modes of transport in Zambia. For visitors, the easiest way to travel between main cities like Lusaka, Livingstone and Ndola is by domestic flight. However, if time permits and you want to see more of Zambia and its people, then travelling by road can be rewarding. You can do this by renting a vehicle or by inter-city coach. Within urban areas the easiest way to get about in Zambia is by hired car, taxi or the interesting mini bus service. Infobwana give you contact details of many transport businesses in Zambia which you can select from.
Find transportation businesses in Zambia on Infobwana. The main transportation categories listed on Infobwana are: commercial vehicles, transport of goods, transport services, and specialist transport. Since Zambia is a landlocked country, it depends heavily on road transport companies for the haulage of heavy goods and supplies across Zambia. The companies listed on Infobwana are ready to cater for your needs.
When travelling in and around Zambia, Infobwana's travel essentials businesses in Zambia list can help you with the important things you need to arrange when taking a holiday or work trip within Zambia, for trips to Livingstone, Victoria Falls, Lusaka, the Copperbelt and game parks like South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park. For example how do you access airports transfers in Zambia? How will you transfer from the airport to your hotel or other Zambian accommodation? Where are you going to exchange your currency? Who do you contact if you need emergency services? Travel agents and tour operators local to Zambia are found right here on Infobwana.
On Infobwana, the vehicle businesses in Zambia listed can help meet all your motoring needs in Zambia. Find out where to source all kinds of vehicles including cars, motor bikes and boats, and their spare parts, accessories, servicing and repairs. Once you have your vehicle of choice, access services like auto fitment centres and driving schools, and even petrol stations. Vehicle businesses in Zambia featured on Infobwana can supply the best new cars on any budget, from tiny city cars to sumptuous 4x4s. Browse the list of car dealers offering used cars to help you select the best second hand cars available on Infobwana for purchase in Zambia. To keep your car running you also have a selection of servicing and repair centres.
Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. One of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa, Lusaka is the centre of both commerce and government in Zambia and connects to the country's four main highways heading north, south, east and west. English is the official language of the city, but Nyanja and Bemba are also common.
Kitwe is the second largest city in Zambia. It is principally a mining city, with mines to the west and north-west. Due to its favourable location, it has attracted several other industries including the production of furniture, consumer goods, asbestos and cement. It has the usual amenities associated with a growing city - hotels, shopping malls and three hospitals. Kitwe was originally called Nkana after Chief Nkana, the local chief. But back in the 1930s, an elephant skull (icitwe chansofu) found alongside copper ore deposits gave rise to a new name 'Icitwe'. Foreign settlers mistakenly pronounced it “Kitwe”, which was subsequently adopted in all languages.
Southern Province
With a population of over 400,000, Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia and the capital of Copperbelt Province. It has an international airport, one of three in Zambia (the others being Lusaka and Livingstone). Starting off ignominiously as a slave traders' settlement, Ndola became the centre of mining in Northern Rhodesia (pre-independent Zambia). It has since established itself as a prominent commercial and light industrial centre. Ndola lies just 10 km south-east of the DR Congo border.
Solwezi in Zambia might be perceived as a dusty little town but it is most definitely on the rise. It is one of seven districts in North Western Province and the provincial capital.Solwezi is attracting international interest mainly for its mining opportunities. Fueled by the international interest, there is of course serious local interest! People are attracted to the growing town of Solwezi for employment and business opportunities. There is an extensive range of construction work taking place, mainly catering to the business travel sector, with many hotels, lodges and guest houses springing up.
South Luangwa National Park is one of the most unspoiled natural habitats in Africa, home to 60 different animal species and over 400 different bird species, it is rich in Zambian wildlife. This park remains one of the top safari destinations in the entire continent of Africa. It is the pioneer of the popular walking safari and one of the few that offers night drive safaris. The dry season offers better game viewing as most of the animals can be seen near the Luangwa River, drawn to it as a source of drinking water.
The provincial capital of Central Province
Chipata, with a population around more than 300,000 is the capital of the Eastern Province of Zambia. Having a boma, local markets, a hospital, a shopping centre and a number of schools, Chipata is the business and administrative hub that serves the region. The town is home to the Protea Hotel Chipata, a four star hotel, a golf course, an airport and a mosque. The town is the regional head of the Ngoni of Zambia. Ngoni is the primary language, although Nyanja and English are widely spoken, plus some Indian languages, as a large number of Zambian Indians live in the town. Chipata is located near the border with Malawi, and lies on the Great East Road which connects the capitals Lilongwe 130 km east and Lusaka 550 km west. The town is a popular access point for the South Luangwa National Park.
Chingola is home to the deep-shaft Nchanga Copper Mine, and two open pit operations, Chingola Open Pit and Nchanga Open Pit. The latter is the second largest open cast mine in the world, 400m in depth and covering nearly 30 sq km. The Championship Nchanga Golf course in Chingola is said to be one of the best courses in Africa. Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Sanctuary is also found here. Chingola has high rainfall, manifested in a profusion of trees and flowers.
The Lower Zambezi National Park was declared a national park in 1983, it lies opposite the famous Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe. A world heritage site that attracts herds of elephants and has a lot of other wildlife. It offers walking safaris, canoe safaris, boat trips and some of the best tiger fishing in the world. This is Zambia’s newest national park and it is still relatively undeveloped. There are no fences between the park and the game management area so wildlife and people are free to roam across the whole area.
Mazabuka is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying south west of Lusaka, on the Lusaka-Livingstone Road and the railway to Livingstone. The town lies on the south east edge of the Kafue Flats wetland.
Kafue is a town in the Lusaka Province of Zambia and it lies on the north bank of the Kafue River, after which it is named. Kafue has a total population of 219,000 people.
This is Zambia’s oldest park and by far the largest. It was established as a game reserve in 1924 and became an official national park in 1950. The park offers african wilderness with exciting wildlife safaris, incredible birding and fishing opportunities. It is home to over 55 different species of animals and over 400 species of birds. Ranging from established lodges which offer luxury to budget safari accommodation.
Western Province
Luanshya is a town in Zambia, in the Copperbelt Province near Ndola.
Chongwe is a small town situated in the Lusaka Province of Zambia. It has a total population of approximately 7 000 residents.
Central Province
Kasama is a city in the Northern Province of Zambia. It serves as the provincial capital and the headquarters of Kasama District.
Copperbelt Province
It is a small mining town in the remote North-Western province, and most of its 5 000-plus inhabitants work for Sentinel copper mine – but it already sees a future beyond mining.
Monze is a small town in the Southern Province of Zambia and is about 180 km south-west of Lusaka. It is the administrative centre of Monze District. The town is named after Chief Monze, widely acknowledged as the spiritual leader of the Tonga people who inhabit the district.
Mufulira is a town in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. It was established in the 1930s around the site of the Mufulira Copper Mine on its north-western edge. The town is 16 km from the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the start of the Congo Pedicle road connecting the Copperbelt to the Luapula Province, making that province Mufulira's commercial hinterland.
A valuable conservation area protecting Zambian wildlife such as the sitatunga, many species of birds and the millions of migratory fruit bats. Kasanka National Park supports an enormous diversity in habitats including rainforest, papyrus swamp, wet grassland, plains, forested rivers and miombo woodland. The park is in Central Province, south of the Bangweulu Wetlands. The park is under the private management of Kasanka Trust registered in Zambia in 1987 and in the United Kingdom in 1989.
Luapula Province
Central Province
Eastern Province
Central Province
Mpulungu is a town in the Northern Province of Zambia, at the southern tip of Lake Tanganyika. From Mpulungu, boats reach DR Congo, Tanzania and Burundi.
Kasumbalesa is the border town between Zambia and DRC. This is a one-stop border post and is one of the busiest borders with commercial vehicles cleared at the border.
Muchinga Province
Southern Province
Itezhi-Tezhi is a small town in the south west section of the Southern Province of Zambia. It is the seat of the Itezhi-Tezhi District. It lies west of the town of Namwala on the border of the Kafue National Park.