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Sara Drawwater
Inside Infobwana
13 December 2020
We’re excited to announce that from today, is now We have also today launched, a new way to buy online in Zambia.


From today we are rebranding The Best of Zambia to Infobwana. With the help of our customers, our team and website users, we have grown from a basic online business directory into a fully fledged ecommerce and marketing platform.

Even though it's possible to build on existing ecommerce platforms, we have invested in developing our own platform because we believe this will better serve the specific needs of local buyers and sellers in Zambia.

Now the foundation is built, we are in a strong position to continue rolling out features that will lead to more trust and traction from buyers and sellers in Zambia.

Every month, 100,000+ users view 400,000+ pages on our website. This is expected to continue growing as we expand our ecommerce offering, reviews, a loyalty scheme, an affiliate scheme and international payments and delivery.

We’re excited for a new brand that allows for our vision and expansion into other emerging markets.

Bwana network

From today you can experience:

  • - the best place to find useful information about businesses in Zambia
  • - the best place to shop online in Zambia
  • - the best place to find a job online in Zambia

Over time, we will launch other websites that focus on the specific needs of a sector, creating a network of independent but related sites that enable the flow of rich information that helps buyers and sellers find what they need.

Today we launch, a platform that enables businesses no matter their size, to sell anything anywhere with ease.

By having a website that is dedicated to online shopping and delivery, we can now focus on developing the specific features needed for a successful online shop such as reviews, a loyalty scheme, an affiliate scheme and international payments and delivery.

Our first step has involved moving all our current clients online shops to As we speak we are developing a free product that meets the needs of independent and micro retailers who sell through WhatsApp and social media.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to help small independent retailers to sell better online and solve the very real problems they experience thus enabling them to scale their online businesses more easily. Interested? Join the waitlist to get early access here:

Our online shopping survey of over 1000+ respondents highlighted that trust and education, and the limited number of products available stand in the way of online shopping traction in Zambia.

And yet, online shopping through social media and WhatsApp in Zambia is thriving and very much alive. Therefore, solving the frustrations and limitations buyers and sellers experience with the tools they are currently using through means we will pull in a large audience of ecommerce ready buyers and sellers, something that will benefit everyone.

This move helps us build trust with a much bigger audience, it sensitises buyers and sellers to using our platform so that the next step, “paying online” is not such a culture shock.

We are especially excited about spotlighting all the hand made and independently created products that are currently difficult to find, let alone buy from, on a national, regional and international scale.


We were, a marketing platform that showcased more established businesses. Through the Bwana network of websites, we are now an Ecommerce platform enabling any business, no matter their size, to sell any products and services, anywhere.