2013 Barefeet Festival Zambia — event guide

Sara Drawwater
21 August 2013
The 2013 Barefeet Festival starts this Saturday the 24th of August in Lusaka, Zambia. Roar runs from the 24th — 31st August 2013. This is your definitive guide. Use this guide to plan your 2013…

The 2013 Barefeet Festival starts this Saturday the 24th of August in Lusaka, Zambia. Roar runs from the 24th — 31st August 2013. This is your definitive guide. Use this guide to plan your 2013 Barefeet Festival experience, with dates, times, venues and detailed event information below. Tomorrow we’ll post a related blog — the story behind Barefeet Theatre in Zambia.

Ticket information

  • 6 of the 16 events are free
  • All workshops are ZMW30
  • Forest Beats and the Lioness music finale are ZMW50
  • Purchase a BigFoot all access pass for only ZMW100. Your BigFoot pass will allow entry to all events and workshops!
  • WIN a BigFoot all access pass on Twitter! Send a Twitpic of the Barefeet flyer you spot in Lusaka. Remember to mention @BarefeetTheatre to be in with a chance to win!
  • Call 0975031900 for tickets or buy them at Manda Hill, outside Game stores.

Throughout the Barefeet Festival events

  1. 24–30th August — Street theatre, Free, Pop up clown bombs, various artists, surprise locations around Lusaka. Tenterhooks use clowning and creative play to empower and enrish the lives of vulnerable young people. These clown bombs will be the result of their work in Lusaka where they have been working with children with disabilities and young people who have suffered high levels of abuse and neglect. 100 red nose clowns will clown bomb in surprise locations and bring laughter and fun across the city.
  2. 24–30th August — Street theatre, Free, Pop up theatre, various artists, surprise location around Zambia. From Kaoma to Mansa, Victoria Falls to the Copperbelt, and multiple locations in Lusaka. Over 80 community performances will take place across Zambia.

27th August Barefeet Festival events

  1. 14.00–18.00 — Dance and music, Free, Bring it on Zambia, various artists, Lusaka Playhouse. This is the final of the Bring it on Zambia dance off competition. Expect live music, flash mobs, surprise performances and a film screening at dusk. Main even held at Lusaka Playhouse but expect surprise events at surprise locations around Lusaka.

28th August Barefeet Festival events

  1. 09.00–12.00 — Workshop,** **ZMW30, Acrobatics Workshop, ThisSideUp Australia, Lusaka Playhouse. Explore the Controlled Falling Project. Begin the journey to realise your bodies ability and potential to wow.
  2. 09.00–14.00 — Workshop, ZMW30, Street dance, Most Wanted UK Workshop, Lusaka Playhouse. Learn theur unique choreography and get to perform it at the Barefeet Friday Forest Beats event!
  3. 12.00–14.00 — Workshop, ZMW30, Physical storytelling, Crown Troupe Nigeria Workshop, Lusaka Playhouse. Expect dance, drama, music, poetry and visual arts in this creation called Changing Our World
  4. 12.00–14.00 — Workshop, ZMW30, Creative Activism, Randy Mclaren Jamaica Youth Theatre, Lusaka Playhouse. Randy Mvlaren is an award winning Jamican performin artist and social activitis. Expect dub poetry which is spoken word over reggae rhythms.
  5. 14.30–17.00 — Workshop, ZMW30, Clowning, Tenterhooks Scotland Workshop, Lusaka Playhouse. Tinderhooks visit sick children across Scotland and North East England. This session explores how laughter and play can be a therapeutic to for vulnerable young people and their carers.
  6. 14.30–17.00 — Workshop, ZMW30, Participatory Process Performance, Barefeeet Zambia, Lusaka Playhouse. Learn about what Barefoot do and how they do it. Explore how the methodologies of participation, process and performance inspire youth in Zambia. Expect to laugh, lose your shoes and get involved.
  7. 19.00 — Theatre, ZMW30, Quest Theatre Mashup, Lusaka Playhouse. The finale of a year long performance. All ten provinces have been twinned, forming five super subgroups. 300 young artists, 6 months, 10 teams, 5 twinned groups, special guest, Randy Mclaren, surprise guests, and 1 winner!

29th August Barefeet Festival events

  1. 09.00–17.00 — Theatre, Free, Heroes Youth Festival Performance, NAZDEC. Includes performances from Barefeet kids from Kaoma, Livingstone, Kitwe and Lusaka. The groups will face the panel of judges who will decide which performers, singers, dancers and directors walk away with trophies. Expect performances that are energetic and passionate.
  2. 12.00–17.00 — Exchange, Free, The Funeral, Interactive Innovative Exchange, NAZDEC. One venue. One stage. One funeral. 12 sealed envelopes. 250 participants. 1,000 ideas. Join national and international practitioners for a funeral to bury mediocrity and ask questions in search of creative innovation. Sign up to take part and receive your unique map which will direct your participation at the funeral.
  3. 19.00 — Exchange, ZMW30, Poetry Slam Dunc Open Mic, Chit Chat Cafe. Local, national and international poets will present their work. The event will be hosted by artists from Zambia and Nigeria.

30th August Barefeet Festival events

  1. 19.00 — Theatre and dance, ZMW50, Forest Beats, Goma Lakes, UNZA. Dance by the lake to the forest beats. The Barefeet kids and international artists take an enchanted journey through a dream world of great lakes, giant forests and fiery landscapes. As you are guided through the forest, expect to meet strange and surprising creatures as over 200 performers enchant you with a mixture of acrobatics, misc, dance and film. Starring ThisSideUp acrobatics (Australia), Tenterhooks (Scotland), Most Wanted (UK), Seka Theatre (Mfuwe), Crown Troupe Africa (Nigeria) and over 300 Barefooters.

31st August Barefeeet Festival events

  1. 12.00 — Carnival, Free, Stampede carnival, Manda Hill to UNZA. Carnival of kites and creatures making its way from Manda Hill to UNZA. A day of performance, music, colour, spectacle and fun. Dress up, join in and roar because there are prizes for the best dressed!
  2. 14.00 — Carnival, Free, Picnic in the park, Goma Lakes, UNZA. The picnic after the carnival arrives at UNZA
  3. 19.00 — Party and music, ZMW50, Lioness music under the stars, Goma Lakes, UNZA. Some of the regions most respected musicians collaborate to create a unique musical event that will bring this years festival to a close. This stunning finale event will blend music, theatrem rhythm, dance and spectacle. Featuring Hope E Masike (Zimbabwe), Pompi, Maureen Lilanda, MC Wabwino, Mutinta, Impact Band and more!

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Tomorrow we’ll post a related blog — the story behind Barefeet Theatre in Zambia.