3 safari trends Zambian safari companies can benefit from

Sara Drawwater
7 March 2017
There are a range of emerging travel trends in 2017. We’ve selected three that could be opportunities for the Zambian safari sector.

There are a range of emerging travel trends in 2017. We’ve selected three that could be opportunities for the Zambian safari sector.

Experiential travel

The normal day for most international travelers is a very busy schedule with every minute accounted for, often with mundane daily routines. When it comes to holidays, these travelers are looking for something deeper, something that will fill their craving for out of the ordinary. They are looking for enriching, challenging and adventurous experiences that delve into local cultures, history and people. They want to participatory, adventurous and authentic travel experiences.

Mindful travel

That busy schedule is very much driving the desire for a complete escape — away from pinging calendars, social media notifications and screen related work and play (TV, gaming, apps, etc). Many of today’s travelers want to set their own pace, cut off from their stressful world and reconnect with themselves and their families. They seek travel experiences that are unhurried and include wellness activities like yoga as well as the natural, spiritual and environmentally sound.

Multi-generational travel

With high housing and childcare costs in many Western countries, there is a growing trend for multi generational living that includes retired grand parents, working parents and their children. And so, people are looking for destinations that suit the needs of an extended family group holiday. The experiential travel trend impacts this multi-generational trend as families seek destinations that will immerse their families, and particularly their children in meaningful travel that both entertains and educates.

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We can advertise your travel packages

What Zambia offers is perfectly suited to fill the void these travelers are looking for. Our rich culture, friendly people, wildlife adventures and outdoor experiences are ideal. Safari companies like yours can respond to these trends by creating tours, packages and itineraries to suit the needs of today’s traveler.

72% of our traffic is from website users in Africa. These are people accessing the web through their phones and tablets, a population that is growing more and more travel ready. 24% of our traffic is from website users in USA, Europe and Asia, prime targets for people hungry for the type of travel experiences Zambia can offer. Advertise with us to reach the 80,000 people who browse 500,000 pages on our website every month!

We are already working with safari companies in Zambia like Mawimbi Bush Camp, Mvuu Lodge and Zambelozi Island Lodge (see below). Here is a testimonial from one such organisation.

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Chileya Kasuba-Ndeke, Marketing Manager Royal Zambezi Lodge · Joined January 2012

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