A Guide To Promote Your Offers...

Racheal Libonda
Inside Infobwana
3 November 2022
You want to make people feel that if they don’t take up the special offer, they will miss out...

Use a short special offer description
This is your opportunity to pitch. Get people enthusiastic about the products or services that are on special offer. People need to understand the benefits, get excited and feel a sense of urgency. You want to make people feel that if they don’t take up the special offer, they will miss out.

Give clear Offer details
Briefly but comprehensively describe the offer details.

  • Give a comparison so people realise the full price versus the special offer price
  • State who qualifies
  • Tell them what they need to do to qualify
  • Is it a simple discount, or ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘buy two and get the cheapest item free’?

Remember, the simpler the offer and the easier it is for people to make use of it, the better the outcome.

Offer period
Tell people how long the special offer is on for. This will help them take appropriate action in time. Make sure people know the special offer will end soon and they had better take action quickly. A message like ‘while stocks last’ is a classic example of ensuring people act quickly.

The call to action for your special offer
Tell people how to claim the offer. Do they need to visit you in-store? Do they need to cut out a voucher? Do they need to remember an offer code? Tell people how you want them to claim your special offer.

Illustrating the products and services on offer will help to create excitement. Remember to take pictures and videos using your phone or hire a professional photographer for better quality imagery

Contact information
Add any contact details, social media channels or website links’ that are relevant to the special offer. Depending on the offer, a contact name or number may be useful. For example, if your offer is a ‘while stocks last offer’, people may want to call to check if you have stock before they come in. Or, if your special offer is for a high-priced item, people may want to read more about the product before they take the time to visit you in-store.

The key to getting this right is being clear as to what your value proposition is. The points we have shared help you clarify exactly what your promotion/offer is about. Make sure this is clear before you promote it using paid adverts.