Designing your home with the customer centric Blu-Lifestyle team

Sara Drawwater
3 May 2019
The relationship between any kind of designer and client can be challenging. As a client you may or may not have a clear vision of what…

Designing your home with the customer centric Blu-Lifestyle team

The relationship between any kind of designer and client can be challenging. As a client you may or may not have a clear vision of what you want. A good designer will know how to ask the right questions, listen and guide you, so you can both get clear on the project goals. Since you are not a professional designer you will not have thought about all the key aspects of the design process.

A good designer will guide you, inspire you and give you the framework you need to navigate through the design process effectively.

Blu-Lifestyle are a customer centric design and consultancy company that supplies timeless interior furnishings such as fitted kitchens, built-in wardrobes and bathrooms. Throughout their projects, their focus is on the needs of the client.

Through good communication and highly professional approach they focus on the clients’ objectives and existing room. In this way they utilise your existing space effectively, bringing in great design, warmth and functionality that works for your family.

Because of their customer centric approach the Blu-Lifestyle team have done a lot of work to smooth out the design process between them and their clients.

1. Thorough consultation and design process

Blu-Lifestyle consultants take you through the scope of your project usingtools like schematic drawings, concept drawings, 3D drawings, look books,mood boards and elevations. At the early stages of the design process theymake you aware of alternative designs, products and solutions together withthe benefits and weaknesses of these options.

Blu-Lifestyle consultants help you consider design, space usage, furniture,soft furnishings and fittings. As their client you will have the opportunity todiscuss design customisation and budget requirements throughout theprocess so that the balance between design requirements and cost limitationscan be met.

When a design is concluded, final drawings and floor plans are developed soeveryone is clear on the way forward.

2. Clear pricing discussions

Any budget parameters are discussed early on in the consultancy phase sothat client expectations are managed. As the design gets more and moreconclusive cost estimates become more accurate. When specific products areidentified allowance ranges can be established. When the design,development and final project drawings are agreed a purchase agreementwith product specifications are given to the client for signature. This willinclude clearly specific equipment and materials or specific kwacha amountranges.

3. Site survey, delivery and installation

To ensure a smooth delivery process, Blu-Lifestyle project managers carry outa site survey before delivery and installation. Timelines for installation arecommunicated to you in advance. All installations are carried out by qualifiedBlu-Lifestyle team members.

4. Inspection and warranty

All products are inspected before installation and come with a 5 yearwarranty. Full details of the terms and conditions of the warranty will bediscussed with you.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom then its vital that yous select a professional team that will ensure your money goes a long way. You’ll want quality products you can depend on, excellent workmanship and a design that takes you and your families needs into consideration.


Blu-Lifestyle are based in Lusaka and Kitwe and offer **free consultations** for you to get started. **Get in touch** with them on +260 966 744398, +260 977 588608 or visit their show rooms at East Park Mall in Lusaka, Kabulonga in Lusaka or Riverside in Kitwe. Find out more about them by clicking here.