Fabulous foot care products made right here in Zambia

Sara Drawwater
11 November 2019
“I believe well groomed feet contribute greatly to our overall beauty and personality and are the best indicator to how well we look after…

Fabulous foot care products made right here in Zambia

“I believe well groomed feet contribute greatly to our overall beauty and personality and are the best indicator to how well we look after ourselves” — Paola Dal Bosco, Owner, Essential Skincare

We’re so excited to have partnered with Essential Skincare to give away this three piece foot care set!

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Three piece organic foot care set up for grabs on our Facebook page

Our feet carry our body weight all through the day. They are often jammed into high heels, sweltering in sweaty socks or tights, open to the elements in flip flops, and pounding the streets with no thanks.

Our feet deserve to be looked after. But foot care tends to take a back seat when it comes to beauty treatments. Many spend a lot of time and money pampering their faces and bodies, sadly giving their feet little or no attention.

This is Paola’s personal experience. “I have very dry feet, which tend to crack easily. Combine that with running after two kids and wearing flip flops most of the time, and I had not so sexy looking feet! However, ever since I started to take good care of them I realised that treating your feet makes you feel wonderfully relaxed and pampered.”

Are you guilty of neglecting your feet? Do you find yourself hiding your feet in shame? Despair not! Give your feet some TLC with these 3 awesome, all natural, all Zambian foot care products. As creator and number one fan of this range, Paola knows that a little pampering on a regular basis will have your feet looking pretty in no time.

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Get beautiful well groomed feet with the Essential Skincare foot care range

Essential Skincare foot care range

The Essential Skincare foot care range is made from all natural ingredients. It’s a proudly Zambian product made right here in Zambia!

The range is born out of a love for Africa, its nature and the desire to create skincare products that, without harming us or the environment, deliver maximum benefits to our skin through the careful blend of pure, natural and beautiful African plant extracts.

Synthetic chemicals, cheap fillers, nasty additives and parabens have no place nourishing our skin and you won’t find a trace of these harmful ingredients in Essential Skincare products.

1) Organic foot cream

Show your oh-so neglected feet some love with this fabulous foot cream. Made with Mongongo and Cocoa Butter to lovingly help replenish moisture, while Peppermint Extracts will refresh those weary soles. The result is soft, smooth, happy feet.

Massage into clean feet. Take the time your feet deserve…

2) Organic foot scrub

Let your feet know you care and uncover the softest soles imaginable with this fancy foot scrub. Simply put your feet up and smother them with an infusion of mega-moisturising Mongongo, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and revitalising Peppermint. These miracle ingredients will scrub away rough skin and give tired dry soles the love and salvation they deserve.

Massage well into wet feet. Rinse off the scrub and you’ll be left with a thin layer of butter which you can massage into your skin to keep it soft and supple. No need to use a moisturiser afterwards.

3) Organic foot mask

Find your sole salvation with this indulgent foot mask. Sumptuous Cocoa Butter, healing Tea Tree and refreshing Lemon will work miracles on cracked heels while lovingly rejuvenating even the driest, most neglected feet. Get your foot flirt on the natural way and ensure soft, smooth, spectacular looking feet all year round.

Massage a generous amount into your feet, wear a pair of cotton socks and let the balm work its magic while you sleep! For a boost treatment apply a nice layer onto your feet in the morning, wear socks and a pair of running shoes and walk on it…the walk will massage the balm into the skin.

How to use these as single products

  1. Foot cream — use every day as needed for dry feet
  2. Foot scrub — use when soaking feet or when in the bath tub
  3. Foot mask — use as much as needed for dry feet and cracked heels, even every day

How to use these for a complete spa pedicure at home

  1. Soak feet in hot water with a scoop of the scrub
  2. File heels, soles and toes to get rid of dead skin
  3. Place feet back in clean water, use the foot scrub and massage all over feet and legs up to the knee
  4. Dry and apply foot mask
  5. Massage
  6. Finish off with foot cream

Go on indulge yourself, your feet will certainly thank you!

How to win the Essential Skincare 3 piece foot care range

To win, follow this link to our Facebook page and follow the simple steps to take part. Competition ends 21:00, 20 November.

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