Garibara solves vehicle compliance challenges in Zambia

Sara Drawwater
2 March 2020
Are you a vehicle owner frustrated with the tedious process of vehicle compliance in Zambia?

Garibara solves vehicle compliance challenges in Zambia

Are you a vehicle owner frustrated with the tedious process of vehicle compliance in Zambia?

The increased vehicle population in Zambia has resulted in long unproductive queues for services like vehicle registrations. The reality is that motorists have to deal with multiple parties and trips between these various parties. The result is a serious unproductive use of a motorist’s time.

If you’re a motorist in Zambia then you can most probably relate to this vehicle compliance challenge. You have also most probably tried many of the unproductive options available to you:

  1. Get-my-cousin-to-do-it-for-meAlthough free, their availability is not guaranteed, your cousin is not dependable, nor are they able to offer professional guidance if required
  2. Freelancers and ‘Tamanga’ servicesThis is indeed an option. But, if you can find someone who professes they can manage your vehicle compliance for you, they are also unlikely to be dependable or able to provide professional guidance. They are also very difficult to pin down if you need to meet.
  3. MarketplacesMarketplaces are available in Zambia and they will provide an easier link to known freelancers. However, it is important to note that most marketplaces won’t actually handle your motor vehicles and compliance for you. The work will be done by independent people who list their services on the marketplace. With no management or review systems in place, current marketplaces can result in poor customer experience.

Garibara solves vehicle compliance challenges in ZambiaIf you’ve tried any of the above options or taken the time to queue up and tackle your vehicle compliance yourself, then you’ll be glad to hear of a hassle-free alternative. Garibara, a new company that set up in 2019, has developed a unique way of solving motor vehicle compliance issues in Zambia by using technology and innovation to make life easier.

Garibara manages all motor vehicle compliance requirements on behalf of individuals and organisations and makes the process easily manageable through their Vehicle Management System (VMS) which they have developed from scratch. The VMS provides a single place where a motorist can access all their compliance needs in a convenient manner. There are many advantages:

  • It’s free — as Garibara is in launch phase their professional road tax, vehicle fitness and insurance errands are currently free! You will only need to pay a small fee of K80 if you need Garibara to drive your vehicle to the vehicle testing centre
  • No third-parties — the entire process is handled by Garibara’s professional and helpful team
  • Convenient reminders — the VMS sends automated reminders before licence expiry dates which gives motorists enough time to plan for their renewals

So, you can breathe an almighty sigh of relief! Use Garibara’s professional vehicle compliance services and you will no longer have to spend time in long unproductive queues just to manage your renewals and pay your fees. Garibara and their easy to use Vehicle Management System is here to provide the highest level of convenience for motorists in Zambia.

Find out more about Garibara here.