Join our exclusive Whatsapp group for our clients

Sara Drawwater
5 March 2019
** An important message for our paying clients**

Join our exclusive Whatsapp group for our clients

*** An important message for our paying clients***

We never stop developing and are constantly releasing new features. However, we’re conscious that our customers don’t always fully understand how to use these features for the good of their businesses.

So, to improve communication and to ensure our paying customers get the most value from their existing advertising package, we’re launching an exclusive Whatsapp group for our clients.

What’s the group for?We’d like to share occasional updates on feature releases, news, special offers and relevant marketing tips so you can make the most out of their subscription with us.

Who can send messages to the group?Only will be able to send messages to the group so there won’t be a deluge of posts from everyone in the group, and we promise we will only post a message when we have useful and important information to share.

Can you leave the group?If at some point, you don’t want to receive the messages anymore, you can leave the group at anytime.

How to join our exclusive Whatsapp groupTo join this exclusive Whatsapp group simply email with your name, Whatsapp number and company name.

Here’s to providing even more value!