Living and Lifestyle in Zambia — an overview

Sara Drawwater
22 January 2017
If you’re in business in Zambia or just living here, you should immerse yourself fully in the country, culture and climate! The Living and Lifestyle section of The Best of Zambia website is designed…

If you’re in business in Zambia or just living here, you should immerse yourself fully in the country, culture and climate! The Living and Lifestyle section of The Best of Zambia website is designed to help you find all you need. And if you’ve lived in Zambia all your life, Zambian through and through, you may just find there’s more to Zambia than you thought …

Education and Careers — Zambia education services are in great demand in Zambia, where people both respect education and yearn for more of it. The education and careers section of includes information on schools in Zambia — pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools; it includes higher education and training such as Zambian universities and vocational training; it also encompasses personal and professional development services in Zambia, e-learning and recruitment information for individuals looking for job opportunities in Zambia.

Health and Wellness — Why do some people live long, healthy, and happy lives, while others struggle with diabetes, BP and depression? Find services that deal with healthy living and healthcare products to help protect you from these outcomes based on the latest research on health and longevity. This section also includes categories dealing with health services — hospitals, clinics, various medical services and specialist services.

Home and Garden Services — Interior designers creating your dream kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Builders laying paving bricks to improve driveway and home renovations. Pest control services helping with rodents, mosquitoes and other uninvited guests. Waste management services, maid and child care, pet care and all the utilities used in a home. Garden services for landscaping both small and large grounds, and organising gardeners. Companies that can construct, maintain and provide products for swimming pools. The list is long …

Personal services — Created for your individual needs — financial services such as personal banking, mortgages and personal loans; hair and beauty salons; immigration and funeral services; venues for your private function; professional services such as a lawyer or a photographer. Make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form.

Shopping — Fashion, beauty and weddings; electronics, computers and groceries. There are a host of quality shops in towns and cities across Zambia and this section will help you find them and the products they sell. A great number of stunning new shopping malls are springing up in all the major towns and cities in Zambia, with local and international stores aiming to meet all your retail needs. From top class restaurants to brilliant jewellery stores to fashion, electronics and lots more.

Vehicles — For your motoring needs in Zambia, suppliers of the best new cars available in Zambia on any budget, from tiny city cars to sumptuous 4x4s are listed here. Browse the list of car dealers offering used cars too. Find out also where to source motor bikes and boats, as well as spare parts, accessories, servicing and repairs. Access services like auto fitment centres, driving schools and even petrol stations.

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