Meet the Lusaka Global Shapers — young Zambian leaders

Sara Drawwater
15 August 2013
Many will not know it but Sunday the 11th of August 2013 was an exciting day for Lusaka. The first ever group of

Many will not know it but Sunday the 11th of August 2013 was an exciting day for Lusaka. The first ever group of Lusaka Global Shapers met for the first time. You can read this earlier post to understand how Lusaka Global Shapers came to be, and how these young Zambian leaders were chosen.

On Sunday ten young Zambian go-getters met, swapped numbers and planned the future of Lusaka Global Shapers. Here are the 10 names to watch, the people who were specially selected by a committee made up of leaders in industry in Lusaka, such as senior level managers, a Zambian World Ecomomic Forum affiliate, and a consultant for the UN.

  1. Bejoy Nettikadan
  2. Chaka Nyathando
  3. Chisenga Muyoya
  4. Erasmus Mweene
  5. Kampamba Shula
  6. Kelvin Aongola
  7. Mazuba Kapambwe
  8. Mutoba Ngoma
  9. Nkatya Kabwe
  10. Tazilinda Mulenga

Introducing the 10 Lusaka Global Shapers — young Zambian leaders making a difference today!

Bejoy NettikadanBejoy is the founder of NetOne Information Technology and NetOne Data Limited which he started with less than $1,000 capital. Through NetOne Data they established N Data, which is Zambia’s first and only multi-tenant Tier III Data Center facility. He is also focused on skills development in the I.C.T space for youth during their tertiary education.

Chaka NyathandoFollow @ThePompi

Chaka, aka Pompi, is the founder of Lotahouse which he describes as a production house and creative incubator. He is also well known as one of Zambia’s top, inspirational musicians. Through his productions, Chaka is dedicated to helping people make a living from their God given talents.

Chisenga MuyoyaFollow @MissChissy

Chisenga is one of the co-founders of Asikana Network, an organisation which seeks to empower women in the field of technology. She was also recently recognised as one of 28 young ladies, who have been chosen as Africa’s most promising young women leaders by the Moremi Initiative. She has made it her life’s mission to be an advocate for women’s empowerment and to push beyond discriminatory gender norms.

Erasmus MweeneFollow @ErasmusMweene

Founder of Youth Activism for Change, Erasmus is passionate about creating decent jobs for young people through Social Entrepreneurship. He and his team are also in the process of creating the Sampa Youth Resource Center, which will empower young people with the business skills and resources they need to start their own businesses.

Kampamba ShulaFollow @MufasaShulizee

A financial consultant, economic researcher and commodity and currency speculator, Kampamba has had his research papers utilised by US President Obama’s advisors. He has also founded Economeka Capital. Passionate about music, he founded MSTVO, a promotion and marketing company. Kampamba is deeply passionate about helping the less privileged in society. He wants to empower them to achieve their dreams though business mentorship.

Kelvin AongolaFollow @kellvinace

Kelvin founded Yandapps, a tech start up that provides different businesses with mobile and desktop software. They have created software which is featured on iSchool’s Zedupad and are currently working on mobile health applications. Kelvin aims to empower people to stand up for their economic rights and play an active role in their economies.

Mazuba KapambweFollow @afrosocialite

Mazuba is the co-founder of C1rca 1964, a social media management and content generation firm. Some of their clients have included Barefeet, Bongo Hive and the National Arts Council. She also co-founded Fest Gurus, a television show which shines light on Africa’s festival and art scenes. She serves to promote youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and volunteering within Zambia.

Mutoba NgomaFollow @MutobaNgomaMV1

Mutoba is a resourceful man. He founded Tapera Industries Limited which produces eco-friendly soaps and bio-fuels from restaurant and agriculture waste. He also supplies supermarkets with locally grown mushrooms. Mutoba stands for self-sustainability through manufacturing all essential products within country.

Nkatya KabweFollow @Nkatya

Nkatya co-founded The Education Link, a guide to higher education in Zambia, and facilitated the National Youth Forum on the First Draft of the Constitution. Nkatya was also designated as a One Young World Ambassador where he pursues his passion of promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation. (Nkatya Kabwe joined us via skype as he is currently conducting a global internship in San Francisco and will be back in September).

Tazilinda MulengaFollow @Tazilinda

While Tazilinda has founded and managed a variety of companies, she considers her biggest achievement when she organised the commemoration of UNESCO’s World Book Day. She is highly motivated to empowering youth through education and increasing the number of libraries and art centers throughout Zambia.

A retrospect of the first Lusaka Global Shapers meeting

After mingling, the Global Shapers played a game to get them talking. Their backs adorned names of people affiliated with the World Economic Forum. They did not know the name they were assigned. The group had to treat each other as if they were that person, then guess who they were.

Shapers and Leaders then participated in a speed networking even to help them get to know each other. Monica Musonda, a Young Global Leader as designated by the World Economic Forum, then spoke to the Shapers, giving her account of representing Zambia at the World Economic Forum. Monica encouraged the Lusaka Global Shapers to pull together for the sake of Lusaka.

Matthew Grollnek, Lusaka Global Shapers Director and founder of Startup Junction, then presented the background and purpose of the Global Shapers program. He facilitated a discussion about the expectations and future of the group, giving examples of what other Shaper Hubs have done throughout the world. The meeting concluded on a high note, with lots of energy and excitement.

Follow @MatthewGrollnek

What happens next

Going forward, the Shapers will meet once a month to build their own leadership skills, and develop and implement ideas that serve to benefit their city. Projects will be decided democratically by the group, but will take into account what skills the group possesses, and how much control they have over the specific issue. In addition, the point of having such accomplished and experienced young minds together is to devise fresh and innovative ideas that have not been tried previously in Lusaka.

We’ll have more from the Lusaka Global Shapers, starting with a 10 part series, that puts the spotlight on each individual young Zambian leader. For the moment, follow the Lusaka Global Shapers on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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