Pansupa Restaurant, Lusaka — a fusion of culture and sophistication

Sara Drawwater
23 June 2011
Entertaining business colleagues at Pansupa Restaurant in Lusaka[/caption]

Entertaining business colleagues at Pansupa Restaurant in Lusaka[/caption]

Have you ever gotten all dressed up, gone to a flashy restaurant and ordered a plate of fancy sounding food you can’t even pronounce. Then you’ve not enjoyed your meal that much and wished you’d stayed home and eaten your cold nshima? I imagine I will get a chorus of ‘yes’ to that! Well don’t kick off your fancy shoes just yet, because we’ve found a most interesting Lusaka restaurant that successfully blends traditional African food with superbly chic sophistication. To some the dishes will sound warmly familiar, stirring up memories of Granny’s home cooked Zambian meals. To others these will be dishes you may not know how to pronounce. Either way, we’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy the food because of Pansupa restaurant’s exceptionally high standards.

The successful fusion of traditional Zambian food with sophisticated dining. Pictured here is chikanda and finkubala as discussed below.[/caption]

True to African traditional hospitality, staff at Pansupa are welcoming and friendly[/caption]

Located in Lusaka’s Nchoncho Road, Pansupa Restaurant is an interesting fusion of culture and sophistication. Set in a beautiful chic African style, it is easy to expect a plate of steak and chips but the menu is strictly African and is inspired by different African countries specialities. With starters like chikanda (described as Africany polony) and finkubala (catapillars), guests at Pansupa Restaurant can expect to be treated to fresh and authentic Zambian food with other exciting African dishes. Don’t screw your nose up though, these are African delicacies confidently presented (no different to French frogs legs and snails). Other specialities include goat stew and charcoal grilled dishes of village chicken, goat, fish and beef. All these delicacies are served with nshima, rice, sweet potatoes and seasonal fruit and vegetables. The service is impeccable, with polite and well trained staff that make guests feel completely at home.

Pansupa Restaurant appeals to a diverse clientèle. Pansupa largely caters for business people who need to entertain business partners and colleagues in classy surroundings which proudly hold on to fascinating African heritage. Its cosy dining area and comfortable settings are also perfect for a romantic date and family outings. True to African traditional hospitality, staff at Pansupa Restaurant are ready to welcome anybody at any time.

Don’t expect an overly fussy approach or excessive use of African culture when all you want to do is eat some food. Do expect to experience an honest representation of African food, proudly presented by Evelyn Ndawa Kasonkomona who learnt to cook when Pansupa first started in her Mum’s backyard. You can book a table at Pansupa here.

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