#PointAndPose competition sponsor profile — an interview with Mildred Kaunda of Cutting Edge PR

Sara Drawwater
16 April 2014
Part of the latest (and final) #PointAndPose prize is PR services courtesy of Cutting Edge PR. This will involve media relations support for the winner or their business, or a good cause of their…

Part of the latest (and final) #PointAndPose prize is PR services courtesy of Cutting Edge PR. This will involve media relations support for the winner or their business, or a good cause of their choosing. This interview with Mildred Kaunda, owner of Cutting Edge PR, gives you an insight into this innovative Zambian PR company.

Take part in the #PointAndPose competition to win this amazing PR opportunity with Cutting Edge PR.

How did you hear about the Best of Zambia competition and what were your thoughts about it?The Best of Zambia (tboz) team notified us about the competition via email. We thought the competition was a great marketing initiative to strengthen the tboz relationship with clients and also a good opportunity to give clients maximum exposure in line with the tboz service offering.

Why did you decide to become a sponsor for the Best of Zambia competition?We decided to participate because we felt this would be a good platform to market our brand and service offering. Unlike other marketing and advertising initiatives, we found this one more practical as it would allow us to demonstrate what it is we offer and also allow people to realise that we deliver a seamless service second to none in Zambia.

You’re offering PR work to the lucky winner. Please tell us a little bit more about your prize.We are giving pro-bono PR services and particularly, media relations support. This will see us prepare a press release and organise media engagement opportunities including one-on-one interviews with leading media outlets.

Who do you feel is the ideal person for your sponsored package?A small business owner or individual looking to create awareness for their company, product, service or talent.

For someone who has not yet heard about Cutting Edge PR, tell us a little about who you are and what you do?Cutting Edge PR was established in 2005. The company is a leading, full service strategic public relations and communications consultancy, based in Lusaka, Zambia. It has been recognised, both locally and internationally as a pioneer in the public relations consultancy industry, helping companies and institutions manage issues of perception and reputation in diverse markets. We apply specific communication and PR tools, strategies, and platforms to arrive at winning solutions.

Anchored on the values of Quality, Integrity, Response and Teamwork, we develop strategic communications campaigns for numerous global brands in various sectors including Agriculture, Financial Services, FMCG and Logistics.

We provide communications solutions in:

  • Media Relations and Strategy
  • Corporate and Brand Communications
  • Communications Policy and Strategy
  • Employee Engagement and Communications Research
  • Training and Development
  • Editorial, Strategic Platforms — Events, Conferences and Symposiums, Creative Design and Development

A partnership with leading global firms allows us to provide clients with a seamless worldwide service, combining international best practice with local market expertise.

What is your opinion of the public relations market in Zambia?The Public Relations consulting industry is still in its infancy but slowly getting recognition by corporates. It is beginning to be seen as an integral solution in achieving a company’s business objectives. The practice is yet to be understood and appreciated as it is often confused with marketing and advertising. The establishment of the Zambia Public Relations Association should assist in streamlining the ethics and quality of the profession as well as advocating for its acceptance by all stakeholders.

What has been your most challenging experience or PR campaign since you started running the business?The most challenging barriers to the growth of the business have been limited number of committed and skilled people, and finance.

What has been your most rewarding experience or campaign that you put up that was successful?

  • The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour in Zambia 2009
  • The official launch of the Zambezi Airlines Lusaka — Dar es Salaam route in Dar es Salaam in 2009
  • The official launch of Konkola North Mine in Chililabombwe in 2010
  • The organisation of the Philips Cape to Cairo media breakfast and stakeholders’ forum in Blantyre in 2011
  • The official launch of South African Express Durban — Lusaka route in Lusaka in 2012
  • Media relations support for the CNN Multichoice African Journalist of the Year Award in Lusaka in 2012
  • The hosting of a gala fundraising dinner for HRH Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Zambia in 2013
  • The official launch of the FNB Zambia branch in Solwezi and Chipata in 2013 and 2014 respectively

Cutting Edge PR is a member of The Best of Zambia website. Why did you become a member and what has your experience with us been like?We joined The Best of Zambia to increase our brand visibility. The experience has been rewarding as we have received mileage for our activities from this site. We have also received enquiries about our work.

What are your plans for your company in the next few years?We intend to expand to other parts of Zambia and eventually to neighboring countries in the SADC community.

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