Price increase

Sara Drawwater
Inside Infobwana
7 October 2020
We are saddened by the state of the economy and like many other businesses, we can no longer absorb the impact the exchange rate is having on our business. We have made the difficult decision to match our prices to the US$.

We’ve got one final quarter to go before the end of the very challenging 2020! We thank our customers for sticking with us. Here is an important announcement for this final quarter.

On October 15th we’ll be increasing our prices. We will continue to quote in Kwacha by setting the rate of exchange on a monthly basis. Quotes may therefore need to be revised on a monthly basis.

The new price for a Premium subscription will be the Kwacha equivalent of US$348 including VAT, per year. And for an Enterprise subscription, the new price will be US$580 including VAT. For example, with an exchange rate of K20:$1, the new prices for Premium and Enterprise will be respectively K6,960.00 and K11,600.00 including VAT per year.

This will mean we are able to keep developing the features our customers need to sell their products and services effectively online, such as a login system that will give businesses more control of their inventory.

We look forward to continually enhancing our services, an ongoing working partnership and to the growth of online sales in Zambia.