Rhapsody’s Lusaka Sparkle on Ice Fashion Show features the House of Couture

Sara Drawwater
18 November 2011
There’s an increasing international interest in African fashion, and Zambia will be making its statement on the 23rd of November. Rhapsody’s in Lusaka will be hosting one of the most glamorous events…

There’s an increasing international interest in African fashion, and Zambia will be making its statement on the 23rd of November. Rhapsody’s in Lusaka will be hosting one of the most glamorous events of the year, labelled the “Sparkle on Ice Fashion Show”. There’ll be live music from violinist Caitlin Papier and a scrumptious three course meal provided by the Rahpsody’s restaurant team. The House of Couture will be one of the main design houses featured and will be allowing a sneak peak into its latest collection in this exciting up and coming preview.

The Sparkle on Ice Fashion Show will showcase an amazing range of talented design houses, including hand crafted jewellery designs by Candy Marandola of WSM Jewellers, Safari Wear by Charity Nyirongo, Suiting by Kaajal Vaghela and Cocktail by Nada from Nada’s Fashions.

As a featured design house, The House of Couture will showcase in three different categories: bridal, evening and occasion wear. The Best of Zambia (TBOZ) caught up with Jessica Brown Holness from the House of Couture to get an idea on what to expect from them at the show.

*TBOZ:** What should people expect to see from the House of Couture at the Sparkle on Ice Fashion Show?*

Jessica: For this particular show, House of Couture is creating elegant designs that make a strong statement of who we are as the House of Couture, showcasing our abilities and expertise. House of Couture wants to leave an impression of absolute quality and true attention to detail.

*TBOZ**: What is your inspiration for the line that you have created for this particular show?*

Jessica: The name for the show, “Sparkle on Ice” was inspired by the glitter and twinkle in the jewellery that will be displayed at the show. The range of jewellery being showcased is being made to compliment the outfits by House of Couture, so we focused on jewel colours and neutral colours so that the jewels could work well with our designs. Our inspiration is drawn from current trends that will show off timeless construction techniques.

*TBOZ:** Who are the people that you target with your line?*

Jessica: House of Couture believes in making a woman feel beautiful. We want our clients to walk into a room and feel like the most spectacular person there, regardless of age or size. The type of work we do comes with a specific price tag but we don’t want to be out of reach. Although we have a minimum charge, we work one to one with each of our clients to fit their budgets as best as we can.

*TBOZ:** Zambian fashion has certainly picked up over the years and we have several upcoming designers. How does the House of Couture differ from all the other design houses out there?*

Jessica: What separates us as House of Couture is the external exposure, experience and level of expertise that we have developed over the years. We have worked in the fashion industry in different parts of the world before we set up the House of Couture. This is valuable experience which we offer to our clients. Currently, every element of each design we have is created exclusively by the House of Couture. We do not outsource our work to any external tailors or designers. This is because we want each outfit to represent our signature style which is quality and classic elegance.

*TBOZ:** Finally, what would you say is your philosophy towards fashion as the House of Couture?*

Jessica: We believe that fashion should be a statement of who you are for different occasions. We appreciate and use the techniques handed down from the old which we turn into the new. It is not just about sewing a dress.

Well, we’re pretty sure that sums things up! This show will be different from other shows because it’s an event you can go to with family and friends. Enjoy a night of fashion, good food and great music. Tickets are going for K250,000 and include a scrumptious three course meal. For more about Rhapsody’s visit here.

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