Shipping container storage solutions in Zambia

Sara Drawwater
28 August 2015
Retailers often have an overflow of stock. You may need extra storage space for additional inventory related to seasonal merchandise and special promotion stock. Mobile storage containers provide an…

The Big Green Box Premium is the first and only storage company in Zambia that offers storage services using containers. Goods can be stored at The Big Green Box in Kabulonga, Lusaka or at your preferred site when you hire a mobile storage container. Shipping containers make ideal storage units being extremely strong, fire resistant and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, the shape of shipping containers allows for the organisation of goods, as shelves, cabinets and other containers can be placed in the unit to store goods. These packing systems allow for easy and efficient access to your goods. So with minimal expense for storage rentals you have control, safety and security.

What are your storage needs?

Storage for retailers

Retailers often have an overflow of stock. You may need extra storage space for additional inventory related to seasonal merchandise and special promotion stock. Mobile storage containers provide an affordable and more efficient solution with easy and quick access on your retail site. This rules out the need to send employees to retrieve stock from offsite storage facilities which is time consuming and could result in lost sales.

Storage for construction projects

Construction projects require lots of equipment and materials which ideally need to be accessible and secure. Project managers are always keen to maximize efficiency and speed of works whilst keeping costs down. With on-site mobile storage containers this can be achieved. Equipment, tools and machinery can be securely stored onsite. Materials can be bought in bulk and stored securely. Onsite storage also means there is easy and quick access to equipment and materials as team members no longer have to leave the site to go and get equipment or materials from a remote storage facility or manufacturing plant.

Storage for your vehicle(s)

If you’re worried about the safety of your vehicle whilst you are travelling, then leaving your car in a secure unit is a reassuring option. Similarly, if you have multiple vehicles or machinery and no space, then vehicle storage provides a solution.

Storage to de-clutter your home

There are many reasons why you might be cluttered up. You may be moving house, living in temporary accommodation or you may have lost a loved one and are taking care of their property. Or you may simply have a lot of things! Traditionally, you may have stored your goods with relatives and friends, thinking this was a cost effective (free), convenient solution that provided you easy access when you needed something. However, it’s obviously not convenient for your relatives and friends nor is this option guaranteed to be secure or tamper proof. Such a set up runs the risk of souring relationships when your things are in the way, get damaged or go missing. Rather than run these risks you can use storage facilities to house your goods until you are more settled or get around to de-cluttering your home to achieve a more spacious living environment.

Storage to free up space for renovation projects

Storage facilities are extremely handy when you are undertaking renovations in your home. During renovations of a home or office, space becomes very limited. You may damage your things with dust and paint, and having additional people in your property means security goes down especially in all the mayhem and lack of organisation. Storing your goods offsite or having a secure mobile storage container on your property during your renovations will free up space in the property, protect your goods and help you maintain organisation and easy access until works are complete.

On or offsite storage — which is right for you?

Onsite storage is when you hire a mobile storage container and have it on your own property. Offsite storage is when your storage container is on the property of the storage provider. The mobile onsite storage option is popular for commercial use. It’s perfect for when you need to save time with instant access to your goods. Commercial clients like retailers and construction projects need to closely monitor inventory levels and carefully manage various job priorities. Mobile onsite storage is secure and means you are not relying on third parties. This enables you to self store goods on your own terms and with unrestricted times of access. Offsite storage facilities are popular for personal storage and when you do not have the space, desire or need for a container on your own property!

How The Big Green Box can help you

Use The Big Green Box to store a variety of goods ranging from, but not limited to, household goods, vehicles, stock overflow and documents.

Storage options

  • 20ft containers
  • Small container storage cages (2.39m x 1.45m x1.45m)
  • Vehicle storage
  • Large, secure land space for items that won’t fit in a container!

Types of containers

  • Standard containers — All container tops are painted white and an overhead shade cloth covering is used to reflect the sun. This helps to maintain and optimum temperature.
  • Insulated — These containers have added insulation for the storage of items that are sensitive to heat and moisture.
  • Premium containers — As well as being insulated these containers have a personalised individual security system. You are responsible for arming and disarming the container when you visit.

All containers are available on short or long term rental.

Organisation of goods

Depending on what is being stored, shelving is available to help with the organisation of your goods and the easy location and retrieval of goods. Each block of shelving measures 3 meters. One container can house four of these shelves to fill both sides of the container. There is an additional fee for shelving.

Security and insurance

CCTV is in place to capture activity around your storage container. Insurance is compulsory for all items stored at The Big Green Box. The affordable premium varies depending on the value of your goods. It is payable within your rental fee.

Transportation of containers

The Big Green Box have cranes and trucks to transport containers. Transport fees depend on the delivery location. You also have the option of picking up your container from The Big Green Box and transporting it yourself.

Special offer

Existing clients can get a 50% discount off their next 28 days rental just by introducing a friend who rents storage from The Big Green Box! Note: this offer applies when you introduce new clients. One discounted period applies per new client introduced. This means for each new friend who buys storage with The Big Green Box you get 50% discount off one 28 days rental period. The offer is not affected by the period of storage or the numbers of containers your friend rents. Terms and conditions apply.

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