Should You Lease Your Tech Equipment in 2020?

Sara Drawwater
26 November 2019
Renting, rather than buying your IT equipment could be a welcome helping hand. IT equipment costs no longer has to be a stumbling block…

Should You Lease Your Tech Equipment in 2020?

The new year is often a perfect time for a new start. Zambians are definitely not scared of entrepreneurship, so we know that many of you probably have plans to set up and/or grow your business in 2020.

With the help of companies like Qrent in Zambia, the upfront cost of IT equipment no longer has to be a stumbling block. Renting, rather than buying your IT equipment could be a welcome helping hand!

Leasing IT equipment in Zambia can be a good option for business owners who have limited capital or who need equipment that must be upgraded every few years. Whilst you will forgo the most obvious advantage of gaining ownership of your IT equipment, since most IT equipment soon gets outdated, are you losing much at all?

Here are the key advantages of leasing rather than buying your IT equipment

1. Get instant access to the latest IT

Gain access to the latest technology and the upgrades that come with it, without the heavy upfront cost. With the option to rent, you no longer have to forgo the latest technology and settle for less.

2. Benefit from a 35–50% saving

There are significantly lower front-end expenses when leasing computers because you don’t need to buy new hardware which involves a large lump sum cost.

3. Easier cash flow management

Rather than having to part with large lumps of cash or manage large credit accounts, leasing your IT equipment can give you manageable low monthly payments.

4. Buy into a relationship

When you buy IT equipment you take a box home. The vendor has no interest in you post-sale and is certainly not interested in helping you set up. When you rent your IT equipment from a company like Qrent you get an Account Manager who has your back!

5. No upgrade or maintenance problems

If a computer breaks or wears out due to normal use, a computer leasing company, like Qrent will fix or replace it. When you choose to lease, you are not responsible for the cost of maintenance and upgrades to your IT equipment — how refreshing is that?!

6. Technical support through the rental term

Should there be a machine or hardware glitch, you will have full technical support in order to quickly get up and running again. Through IT support and rental warranties Qrent ensure they will immediately swap out faulty machine or components if you experience any technical problems.

7. Fully insured equipment

Qrent offers insurance so you can rest assured you won’t bear the cost of accidental damage or loss.

8. Hassle-free disposal

Computer equipment quickly depreciates in value. Leasing avoids the need for you to sell or dispose of depreciated hardware.

9. Easy short term access to IT

Qrent equipment hire is great for companies that employ temporary additional staff or deal with seasonal peaks. Short term access to IT equipment for short term increases in staff can significantly lower operational costs. Hire for as little as 1 day through to 6 months. This service can help you handle all kinds of demands that would mean additional short term IT requirements such as audits, training, workshops, conferences and interns.

About QrentIf you’re considering renting your IT equipment then talk to Qrent. They usually stock 4th Gen machines, often i3-i5 as well as i7 machines.

For specific requirements Qrent are able to source from their UK and South African branches.

Their current clients include Airtel, Shreeji Investments, Madison General Insurance, Innovate General Insurance, Zampost, Zambia National Data Centre, Zambia Airports, KPMG,PKF, FHI360, John Snow Inc (JSI) & Multichoice Zambia.

Find out more about Qrent by clicking here.