Store Pickup — benefits and how it works on

Sara Drawwater
10 May 2020
Store Pickup is sometimes called Click and Collect or Curbside Pickup. It is and is when you choose to collect your order yourself…

Store Pickup— benefits and how it works on

When you shop online on, you can choose to have your items delivered or opt for Store Pickup.

Store Pickup is sometimes called Click and Collect or Curbside Pickup. It is and is when you choose to collect your order yourself at your chosen location. With you also have the option to send someone to collect your order on your behalf.

This article shares:

  • How Store Pickup works on
  • The 6 advantages of Store Pickup

How Store Pickup works on

During the purchase process, you will be asked to select where you want to collect from — select the location that is most convenient to you.

At the moment collection points are branch dependent. If the Seller only has one branch it’s likely that only one collection point will be available. If the Seller has multiple branches and can ensure your order is available for collection at any, or some of their branches, then you will have more than one collection point to choose from.

Store Pickup email

After you’ve placed your order online you’ll get an automated email with all the details you need. The email contains:

  • Order reference number
  • Store Pickup instruction
  • Collection point(s) address
  • Collection period
  • ID verification steps
  • Item order list including description, variations like colour and size, quantity and price

The email contains everything you need for a simple Store Pickup experience. The key information you need for a smoothe Store Pickup is your Collection point, your order reference number and valid photo ID.

6 advantages of Store Pickup

Shop online from home, then choose Store Pickup

At first glance you may miss why you would opt for Store Pickup. But Store Pickup is not to be sniffed at. There are strong reasons why Store Pickup performs so strongly in Europe and is very popular in countries like France and UK. So here are the advantages, the first of which is most relevant right now.

1. Crowd free shopping

While Store Pickup doesn’t completely eliminate human interaction, it does move the majority of shopping time spent browsing and making choices, from a very public and crowded shopping space, to a customer’s own private space.

Store Pickup means the only human interaction needed is a quick in and out pick up because by its very nature, Store Pickup means that your package will be ready and waiting for you.

2. Stress free shopping

Store Pickup can completely transform your shopping experience. Place your order whenever and wherever you want. That might be at home in your pyjamas, hot chocolate in hand with your favourite music playing! Then you can pop in store when it’s convenient to you, go directly to the collection point where your order will be waiting for you — so you’ll be in and out before you know it.

That’s a very different shopping experience from making your way through annoying crowds — you know when you get in each other’s way, bang into baskets and trolleys, try to see something on the shelf when there are people in front of you… Yup. You can avoid all this with Store Pickup!

3. Flexibility

Whilst delivery has its advantages, if a trusted person can’t be there to receive the item then Store Pickup is the answer. You are in control of when you pick up with Store Pickup— a strong advantage.

4. Save on shipping costs

Store Pickup is a great option for those who don’t want to pay extra for delivery.

5. Speedy fulfilment

When you need something urgently, you can usually Store Pickup faster than waiting for it to be delivered to your door.

6. Assurance guaranteed

Stress free shopping, the main benefit of online shopping is in a constant battle with the main challenge of online shopping — the inability to truly experience a product. You can’t hold, feel the texture of, get a true understanding of the size, or be sure that an item will fit. Store Pickup offers a solution to this. When you buy online then collect in-store, you have the chance to inspect the product before taking it home. If it’s not right you can swap it or get a refund right then and there.


Whilst we are all for Store Pickup we recognise that deliveries to your door are the ultimate in convenience. Deliveries are also the safest way to shop during this global Coronavirus pandemic. So Delivery services have now launched in Lusaka!

And if you want deliveries outside of Lusaka, do not worry — we are currently working with delivery companies to make this a feasible option. For the moment, to get an order delivered outside of Lusaka, give the address of a friend or relative in Lusaka which your order can be delivered to, and then organise your own delivery to the final destination e.g. by bus for pick up in say Ndola or Livingstone.

Whether you will be a fan of Store Pickup, Delivery to your door or a mix of both, we’re ticking both boxes.

So, view our online shop and opt for Store Pickup or Delivery. Happy shopping!