The Give Movement Journey

Sara Drawwater
12 August 2014
Originally from Zimbabwe, I have always dreamed of leading a movement to help give back to the local people of Africa. I wasn’t quite clear on what that movement would be or how I would get it off…

Sandy Salle, owner and founder of Hills of Africa Travel and co-founder of the Give Movement Journey gives us a stunning write-up on the Give Movement Journey, what inspired her to start it, her experiences last year, and last but not least, how participants can join ….

Originally from Zimbabwe, I have always dreamed of leading a movement to help give back to the local people of Africa. I wasn’t quite clear on what that movement would be or how I would get it off the ground. But that all changed after I booked a trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe for internationally renowned business coach and New York Times best selling author Suzanne Evans.

An idea that will change livesUpon her arrival back home, Suzanne had a completely new perspective on the big “why” she does what she does in this world. She came to me with the idea of starting a movement in Africa where we would gather like-minded entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders and philanthropists each year, people who were eager to change lives and empower others; Hills of Africa Travel would plan all of the logistics of these life altering journeys, including a Habitat for Humanity project in Zambia’s Linda Compound.

The Give Movement JourneySo, in 2012, Suzanne Evans and Hills of Africa Travel combined forces to start an epic movement in Africa: The Give Movement Journey.

These transformational journeys include the opportunity to work as a collective in collaborating with local Zimbabwean women to help them build their own businesses and building a Habitat for Humanity house in Zambia for a family in need.

Last year, we built a home in the Linda Compound for two orphaned sisters, Abigail and Lydia, now aged 17 and 7 — two of the brightest and most grateful girls I have ever met. They were living in their grandfather’s house with 10 other people. The house we built was located right next to their grandfather’s home. Now, thanks to the Habitat for Humanity home we built for them, Abigail and Lydia live in their own home.

Educational sponsorshipsWe wanted to give them more than a home; so we decided to include an education too! We funded a year of schooling for them and plan to do so each year until they graduate.

We even took them to their first day of school whilst we were in Zambia. They were both so excited to start their day at school that they were ready an hour before we even picked them up.

When we arrived at the Linda Compound School we met with the principal who was so helpful and assisted the girls in registering for classes. Lydia was in first grade and Abigail was put into the 6th grade class. Their smiles were absolutely infectious as they walked into their new classrooms.

To be a part of the Give Movement Journey is to be a part of something extraordinary; something that changes the lives of locals in Zambia, as well as the lives of women in Zimbabwe.

Participants of the Give Movement Journey often include leaders, philanthropists, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are eager to put their knowledge and physical stamina to good use in helping the locals of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We would be absolutely delighted if you would join us on our third annual Give Movement Journey and help make a difference in the lives of local Africans, and also help you, like Suzanne Evans before you, recognize the big “why” you do what you do in this world.

Participants can learn more about these journeys by visiting the links below or by contacting me at or via phone at 800.940.9344.

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