The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

Eddie Mutema
Inside Infobwana
3 November 2022
Online marketing allows customers to find the information they need - even after you've closed shop/office for the day!

In order to arm business owners with the most up-to-date knowledge of the digital marketing industry, we have been running a series of marketing tips and guides throughout the year. As the year draws to a close, we’d like to give a recap on the benefits of digital marketing as presented in previous articles. So this article is ideal for small business owners as they begin their digital marketing journey.

Why should you use digital marketing?

Online marketing allows customers to find the information they need - even after you've closed shop/office for the day! It gives people the option to email questions at any time rather than forcing them to call during business hours or to visit your premises physically. Digital marketing is the ideal strategy for building authority and brand awareness on the internet, which is the biggest market in the world. Digital marketing also costs less and gives you the ability to update posts as required. What is more, it has a much wider audience reach, even an international one, compared to a static billboard at a specific location.

Should you stop marketing traditionally?
You can continue using your present traditional marketing tactics, as you adopt digital marketing. Using digital media within your marketing efforts will complement and add value to your already existing traditional marketing campaigns. For example, if you’re printing flyers, posters or billboards, digital marketing media, like videos, images and blogs, help you convey the exact same message, thereby boosting the impact of the message.

Remember to do it right
Internet consumers who are constantly doing comparison shopping will typically choose the company that offers the finest customer service. Simple details like contact information, operating hours, location, prices, and special deals have to be simple to access. If clients don't feel that your online business satisfies their needs and is easy to use, they will go to another one.

Digital marketing gives small businesses a great opportunity to compete with large organisations. The internet levels the playing field in a massive way and provides any type of business the ability to achieve its marketing goals. Your business can grow online and position itself as an industry leader without geographical limitations.