The New Bwana Platform, ‘Ma Bansi’ and Digital Transformation

Sara Drawwater
Inside Infobwana
3 January 2022
Today's Man Crush Monday features the vision of Joseph Brown, CEO of Infobwana Ltd and the story of how Infobwana came to be.

There was once a man born in Monze who sold his mothers ‘ma bansi’ (buns) to help pay for his school fees. He would become a computer programmer then seek a more rural community focussed life in Mpongwe, where he became a farmer and trained people in leather work. This man’s name is Joe, aka Joseph Brown. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Infobwana Ltd. Joe is a man who has always had people and community in his heart and this is the story of how Infobwana came to be. 

After living in the UK for several years, he visited home (Zambia) in 2008. When he attempted to search for a restaurant online, he was disappointed with what he found. He went back to the UK with a real desire for his beloved Zambia and Africa to benefit from the digital revolution he could see happening in the UK at the time. 

That desire soon turned into action with Joe and his family (wife Julia, daughter Sara and son Luke) founding "The Best of Zambia". They began figuring out how the team could help people find the businesses, products and services they needed more easily. 

Fuelled by raw passion and the vision that Zambia could be part of a far reaching socially impactful digital world, they pushed past the ‘no’s, lack of funding opportunities and the failures. 

His vision has brought us to 2022, the year of the inaugural Bwana Conference and the launch of a free version of the Bwana Platforms set to take place in the second quarter 2022. 

... This is why we have hung on so long as we bootstrapped our way through gritted teeth. This is why we do what we do and when you sign up to the Bwana Platform you bring that vision one step closer to fruition. You become part of the digital transformation that forms the backbone of the future economic success of our country” Joe Brown.

Our mission at Infobwana is to welcome you all to the future of business in Zambia. Where a craftsman in the South can sell to a person in the North without leaving their workshop. And a tailor in the West can buy fabric and beads in the East without having to travel for several hours.

Our mission is to help Zambian businesses and Zambians transact online with ease, trust and integrity. Our mission is to empower our nation. • •

One Zambia, one nation