The Tiger Cup — a fishing tournament at “the place of the hippo”

Sara Drawwater
8 September 2018
The Zambezi River. It can be both calm and angry. Sometimes it is nearly bone dry and sometimes it thunders, pulsing with great swathes of…

The Tiger Cup — a fishing tournament at “the place of the hippo”

The Zambezi River. It can be both calm and angry. Sometimes it is nearly bone dry and sometimes it thunders, pulsing with great swathes of water. Sometimes it crashes down rocky falls and sometimes it trickles. At circa 2,500 kilometres long, it touches Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola.

The Zambezi River is a major attraction for anglers all over the world. Many come to catch the famous Tiger Fish, also known as the, ‘striped water dog’. Tiger fish are a fierce target — they have visibly sharp fangs,and when captured they become scaly acrobats. They are a prized angling challenge.

Every year at Mvuu Lodge, among the hippos on a beautiful part of the Zambezi River, the Tiger Cup fishing competition takes place. This year it runs from the 18th of October, beckoning those that love an enchanting Zambian paradise, delicious food, good company and an immense fishing challenge.

First held in 2011, the Tiger Cup was started by the Mvuu team who felt there was a lack of well supported fishing competitions in Zambia. There is a large angling community in Zambia, but unfortunately not many competitions.

The Tiger Cup is run on a purely catch and release basis to promote angling that supports conservation on the Lower Zambezi. Fish are caught, placed on a measuring ruler, a picture is taken, and the fish are released straight back into the river.

The team are working hard to protect the precious tiger fish of the Zambezi and also promote Mvuu Lodge as a leading angling destination.

The Zambezi river water starts to warm up after the winter season around August through to November, making this the prime time to catch the elusive tiger fish. Over the years guests have caught tiger fish ranging in weights from 3.5kgs to 9kg.

Fishing at Mvuu Lodge is a close to nature experience. Anglers may well feel the thrill of a tiger “run” with hippos, elephants and other wildlife in close proximity. Quoting the Mvuu Lodge website, “The lodge is situated in a secluded location deep within the game rich Chiawa area, next to the Zambezi National Park, opposite the world heritage site of Mana Pools.”

“Indigenous bush surrounds the lodge, wildlife roam freely through the camp, the un-spoilt and abundant river offers phenomenal game fishing… Far away from overpopulated cities, enjoy the serenity of the Zambezi without the interference of hundreds of other people.”

The Tiger cup has been very well supported by the public with a steady stream of regular anglers, plus those that have started to travel from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Could this year be your year?


Tiger Cup prices are $350 per person for chalets and $200 per person for camping, for the duration of the event. This year, in an effort to encourage junior anglers to be a part of the Tiger Cup, Mvuu Lodge are offering under 12 angers free entry. The rates include:

  • Accommodation for 18th — 20th October
  • Dinners for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
  • Packed breakfasts for Friday and Saturday competition days and a sit down breakfast on Sunday 21st October
  • Competition fees and a giveaway gift at registration

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