Three thrilling days on safari at Baines River Camp

Sara Drawwater
17 July 2019
It was clear that Viraf and Kerbanu were willing to do whatever they could in their limited time to experience the full essence of Zambia.

Three thrilling days on safari at Baines River Camp

Part and parcel of running the operations of a Luxury Safari Lodge in Zambia is the opportunity to constantly host new guests from all over the world. Some guests tend to have a greater impact on our team than what one would expect. This occurs whether they book for a full months stay or even just for three nights of safari. And this time, things were different.

Arrival of the Pudumjee’s

The Pudumjee’s made the 16,000+ kilometre trip all the way from California, USA to the Lower Zambezi National Park. Viraf and Kerbanu Pudumjee, were scheduled to stay for three days and three nights at Camp, from 3 June — 6 June. From the moment they arrived, we knew… the Pudumjee’s may not be here for a long time, but they are definitely here for a good time.

During their short stay at our River Camp, it was clear that both Viraf and Kerbanu were willing to do whatever they could in their limited time to experience the full essence of Zambia.

Weston and Raf with the Pudumjee’s

Viraf and Kerbanu made the journey to Africa with one goal in mind — to go on safari and see all the wildlife that their eyes could possibly see within 96 hours (minus their sleeping time).

Accompanying the Pudumjee’s through the Lower Zambezi National Park were Safari Guides, Weston and Raphael (Raf) who guided Viraf and Kerbanu to various ends of the Park as they enjoyed various on-land and water-based activities. Not only did they see wildlife, but the Pudumjee’s also got the opportunity to enjoy their evenings having sundowners on safari as well as spend their mornings with activity breakfasts out in the bush.

From the Pudumjee’s lense

On their quest to see as much wildlife as possible, Viraf and Kerbanu alongside Weston and Raf set off through the Park, camera in hand, ready to capture anything they could to have some everlasting memories of Africa.

During their safari activities, the Pudumjee’s caught many amazing pictures of lions, hippos and crocodiles, zebra, birds and elephants! We thought we would choose three of our favourites.

Elephant finds water

Elephant digs into the ground until it reaches a vein of water that it is then able to sip from.

The Pudumjee’s got a great shot of one of the African elephant’s intelligent behaviours. During Winter times, the Park moves into the dry season and wildlife find water sources from various places and with different methods. Here, the elephant digs into the ground until it reaches a vein of water that it is then able to sip from.

Weston pouring tea and coffee

There’s always time for a cuppa!

There was plenty of time for tea and coffee while on safari as Weston was snapped pouring a round for everybody. Sometimes, when going on a river safari or a game drive, we stop off for snacks as we pause for a moment and take in the tranquillity of the African bush.

Stuck in the mud!

Baby elephant in the mud

This baby elephant was having the time of its life while playing around in the marshes of the Lower Zambezi. Great timing on the photo, and of course, there’s not many things cuter than a baby elephant playing in the mud. It’s small moments like these that bring visitors from all over the world just to experience it first hand.

Viraf and Kerbanu truly were such wonderful people and they both have a fantastic sense of humour. We really had such a good time with the Pudumjee’s and we hope they return in the future, whether it’s three days on safari or three months on safari!

Not only did we have a great time with them, but they had an awesome time with us too — have a look at what they had to say about their time at Baines’ River Camp.

In their own words

“Dear Debbie and Ben, Well, all good things must end, and we are now in Zurich connecting to LA in a few hours. We cannot tell you how much we loved Africa — both of us are completely in love with the place! In no small part of this, was our stay at Baines. Thank you both so much for your hospitality, and making our trip so special in all aspects. We were so happy we got to meet you and look forward to seeing you both again soon.

Cheers, and all the best, Viraf and Kerbanu

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