Travel and Leisure in Zambia — an overview

Sara Drawwater
12 January 2017
It all starts with an idea — to go to some exciting place, or to try some new sport. We’ve picked four essentials of travel and leisure, wherever you may wander or whatever attraction or activity you…

It all starts with an idea — to go to some exciting place, or to try some new sport. We’ve picked four essentials of travel and leisure, wherever you may wander or whatever attraction or activity you may be drawn to: accommodation, activities and entertainment, food and transportation. For a Zambian trip, tourists may choose to combine one or more elements in a plan that a travel agent arranges, or they may choose to create a vacation and handle all the planning personally.

Accommodation — Zambia accommodation is broad, with everything on offer from the plush hotel and city lodge right through to the campsite. Zambia safari lodges and safari camps are very popular, with their mix of rustic splendour and luxurious lodges and tents. In urban areas, guest house, lodge, apartment, hostel and motel accommodation is also available. When choosing where to stay, decide the type of accommodation that suits you and your budget.Activities and Entertainment — There’s a tonne of Zambia attractions and lots of exciting things to do in Zambia! Activities and entertainment include high octane adventures, wildlife-rich Zambia safaris, fishing expeditions on rivers like the Zambezi River, golf, attractions for day trips, energy-renewing spa days, sports, evening entertainment and much more.Food and Drink — Zambia has a vibrant social scene with many places to eat and drink. You will find restaurants, pubs and cafes dotted around shopping malls and spread around the residential areas of cities, towns and places of interest across Zambia. The range of cuisine available in Zambian restaurants and other places to eat is exciting and you’ll be able to enjoy different ambiances, from formal to relaxing and fashionable.Transport — There are many modes of transport in Zambia to help you get around the country. Airlines range from international, to regional and local carriers. (Zambia does not currently have a national carrier, and no international carrier flies directly from UK or EU into Zambia.) For visitors, the easiest way to travel between main cities like Lusaka, Livingstone and Ndola is certainly by domestic flight. This cuts out some bad roads, very long distances and saves times. However, if time permits and you want to enjoy all aspects of Zambia, then travelling by road can be rewarding. You can do this through Zambia car rentals. If you are travelling long off-road distances then 4×4 hire is advisable. The inter-city coach service is dependable and gives another road travel option. When you are in an urban area the easiest way to get about is by car hire. Alternatively you can use a taxi or the interesting mini bus service.

We’ve added one more necessity for good measure — travel essentials, which covers things like travel agents and bureaux de change.

Travel essentials — When you travel to Zambia you’ll need information on some important essentials to ensure your stay goes smoothly. For example how will you transfer from the airport to your hotel or other Zambian accommodation? Where are you going to exchange your currency? Who do you contact if you need emergency services? You may want to ask a local travel agent or tour operator to help arrange all these finer details for you.

From airlines, luxury cruises, and hotels to restaurants, tour companies, and tourist attractions, the travel and leisure industry in Zambia is a well-developed sector of the economy. Written travel guides are available for Livingstone, Lusaka and the Copperbelt which are major destinations in Zambia. And the internet has become a powerful tool for gathering travel information, making plans and booking trips.

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