Watch the Ecobank Zambia documentary — celebrating 10 years in Zambia

Sara Drawwater
10 January 2020
In 2009 Ecobank Zambia entered the market as the smallest and 16th bank to operate in the country. Today out of 18 banks operating in…

Watch the Ecobank Zambia documentary — celebrating 10 years in Zambia

In 2009 Ecobank Zambia entered the market as the smallest and 16th bank to operate in the country. Today out of 18 banks operating in Zambia, Ecobank Zambia is the 9th biggest and the 8th most profitable..

Originally aired on ZNBC, this is the story of Ecobank’s 10 years in Zambia. Watch the full 30 minute documentary via our YouTube channel.

Inspiring history

Since it started in 1985, Ecobank now operates in 36 countries and has the largest African footprint than any other bank in the world.

It’s aim has always been to build a a world class pan African bank, owned by Africans, to serve Africa by contributing to the economic development and financial integration of Africa. This is truly a pan African bank of the people, for the people.

Unique products and services

Today, Ecobank Zambia is all about technological advancement, faster, accessible and convenient banking. It is a full service bank with wholesale, retail, investment and transaction banking services and products for governments, financial institutions, multi nationals, international organisations, medium, small and micro businesses and individuals.

It prides itself in offering unique products and services that are designed to meet the specific needs of its customer segments. Whatever your income level, however you want your money to work for you, whether you are an individual right through to a multinational, Ecobank is proud to have a product for you.

Ecobank Zambia 2nd prize in the Service of the Year, Large Enterprises category; tree planting initiative; and mobile banking

Promoting trade for economic growth

Ecobank is committed to promoting domestic and international trade through the seamless provision of trade services that contribute to economic growth. It is able to leverage its strong African network and product range advantage so it is at the forefront of regional trade in Africa — it is able to make cross border payments easy by facilitating payments between the 36 African countries in its network.

Digital banking is the future

Having just launched a new version of Ecobank Mobile in December, Ecobank continuously puts technology at the top of its agenda. Today it offers secure mobile banking, online banking and money transfers through a host of tailored products and services. Ecobank is aiming to be the digital bank of choice for all Zambians and Africans.

Investing in people

Ecobank believes in empowering young people. Since its inception in Zambia, Ecobank has mentored and trained young graduates as management trainees in order to promote career development and enhance efficiency in the bank. Graduates with distinctions or merits go through a rigorous recruitment process followed by 12 months of exposure in different banking departments. With 6 monthly reviews, the top performers are kept on for further intensive training in Zambia and beyond.

Service awards

In 2019 Ecobank won Best Retail Bank of the Year by the prestigious African Banker Awards. They also won 2nd prize in the Service of the Year, Large Enterprises category, by the Zambia Bureau of Standards at the Zambia Annual Quality Awards. In 2018 and 2017 Ecobank Zambia won second and third place service quality awards in 2017 and 2018. Awarded by the Zambia Bureau of Standards, they were the only bank recognised at the quality awards.

Corporate social responsibility

Ecobank works tirelessly to make a difference in local communities. Last year they planted 2,500 trees, planting 50 fruit trees across 50 Zambian schools. The trees were selected their nutritional (student health) and oxygen producing (environmental health)benefits. They planted mango, avocado, guava, lemon and orange trees to support the plant a million trees initiative of Zambia. The program included teaching the students how to take care of their tree assets.

Ecobank Zambia are also proud to be supporting 3 young, ambitious girls from vulnerable backgrounds, whose parents simply could not afford to continue funding their education. Through Ecobank scholarships, Agness Mwanza , Mwiza Nakombe and Anna Nakanyika are now at the University of Zambia, having been financially supported through secondary school and beyond.

In just a a decade Ecobank Zambia has been recognised as one of the fastest growing banks in Zambia with the banks financial performance growing across all key indicators. They have grown to be a reliable bank and a force to be recognised.

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