World Tourism Day in Zambia Sep 27 2018

Sara Drawwater
28 September 2018
Zambia commemorated World Tourism Day 2018 with a parade and an event at the Government Complex, celebrating Zambia’s traditions and…

World Tourism Day in Zambia Sep 27 2018

Zambia commemorated World Tourism Day 2018 with a parade and an event at the Government Complex, celebrating Zambia’s traditions and beauty, and the opportunities these offer tourists and the tourism industry especially in this digital age.

Joseph and Julia Brown, CEO and Operations Director of Infobwana, seen here at the Government Complex with the Zambia Air Force brass band members relaxing after their stellar performance of the Zambia National Anthem

This year’s theme is close to our hearts. It’s “Tourism and the digital transformation” with the specific Zambian message “Zambia Go e-Tourism”. And we are proud to announce that Infobwana Ltd, which founded and runs, was privileged to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Tourism and Arts for its part in this movement towards e-Tourism in Zambia!

Joseph Brown, CEO of Infobwana, shaking hands with dignitaries after receiving the certificate of recognition at the Government Complex

Zambia’s celebration of the United Nations World Tourism Week was officially opened this year on Thursday September 20 2018 by the Minister of Tourism and Arts, Honourable Charles Banda MP on ZNBC TV. The week culminated in World Tourism Day Thursday September 27 2018.

Celebrations for World Tourism Day 27 September 2018 began at 8:00 hrs at Kwacha House, headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, with Mr Reuben Zulu, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts (representing the Minister) flagging off a March Past from Kwacha House to the Government Complex.

Later in the morning the event at the Government Complex began with the National Anthem led by the ZAF brass band, followed by a performance by the National Dance Troupe and a rousing speech from the Guest of Honour Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Mr Reuben Zulu.

Mr Zulu acknowledged that the use of electronic tourism platforms has contributed to the increase in tourism inflows in the country in the recent years. In 2017 Zambia recorded 1,083,317 international tourist arrivals compared to 956,332 international arrivals recorded in 2016 representing a 13.3 percent increase. This increase in tourism inflows can be attributed to the introduction of e-visa services and e-marketing strategies among other factors. Zambia will continue to encourage innovation and the use of ICT in tourism in order to attain greater market awareness of the rich experience and satisfaction Zambian tourism can offer to tourists. Mr Zulu emphasised that information technology is important for tourism as it helps to reduce the cost of doing business, enhances operational efficiency and improves services and customer experiences.

Mr Zulu, on behalf of the minister, called upon all key industry players to work together to create a platform for continued and sustained discussions on new strategies that the digital age can offer for growth of the tourism sector in Zambia.

This speech was followed by the presentation of prizes and certificates of recognition.

To round off the event, Mr Reuben Zulu and other guests toured and sampled beautifully served traditional Zambian cuisine prepared by the Institute for Tourism & Hospitality Studies — vinkubala, nyama, chikanda and masuku to name a few.

Meanwhile Mr Edgar Lungu, President of Zambia, visited Lusaka South National Park, seen above watching Thabo and Christabel, a pair of white rhinos, in their holding pen.

Altogether a great day for tourism in Zambia.