Zambian youth doing great things — in celebration of International Youth Day 2013

Sara Drawwater
13 March 2013
Yesterday was International Youth Day and we wanted to credit Zambian youth for standing up, getting good, and doing something, whatever the circumstance. Here’s our list of young Zambian movers and…

Yesterday was International Youth Day and we wanted to credit Zambian youth for standing up, getting good, and doing something, whatever the circumstance. Here’s our list of young Zambian movers and shakers with a little help from our friends at C1rca1964.

One thing — this is rather female dominated. If you have any suggestions for young Zambian men who would fit in this line up, then please let us know.

Catherine Phiri, Boxer

Catherine is a WPBF bantamweight champion and rising star, tipped to be ‘one of the greatest gifts Zambia has had in female boxing’. On March 23rd, 2013 she will defend her title, fighting Filipino, Leslie Domingo. Catherine is pictured below with Natalie Forget who she beat to become bantamweight champion.

The ladies of the Asikana Network

Chisenga Muyoya, Regina Mtonga and Ella Mbewe are three founding members of the Asikana Network, which focuses on empowering young women in tech in Zambia.

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Epah Tembo, Chess Champ

Though recently retired from international chess, Epah is on our list because she demonstrates such great prowess at such a young age. Her reason for retiring is to focus on school. Who can deny her that?

Kapasa Musonda, Fashion Designer

Kapsa launched her fashion label Mangishi Love when she moved back to Zambia after completing her studies at FIDM in the USA. Kapasa’s popularity is rising and she’s been featured in many Zambian magazines and newspapers. She has a studio in Matero where she trains young women in tailoring, and is working on her new collection.

The Ladies of Ma Fashio, Bloggers

Street style bloggers and sisters Kahyi and Key document fashionable subjects on the streets of Lusaka whilst they pursue their university degrees — beauty as well as brains! In their spare time they also run a clothing donation program for orphanages.

Zone Fam, Musicians

Zambia’s number one Hip Hop group. Their song Contola regularly plays on BET’s 106 and Park, and recently went to number 1 on a Ugandan hip hop chart. They have performed on major stages like Big Brother Africa. But no matter how successful they are, they never forget to give back to the community. They were recently featured on Muvi TV for visiting a school in Bauleni, and reading books to children in honor of ‘World Book Day’. Find them on Facebook here.

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Mumba Chakulya, Lawyer and Philanthropist

Based in England, Mumba Chakulya was nominated by UK Zambians for an Inspiration of the Year Award. Mumba has served as the President of the World Vision UK Student Society for four years. She is now working on developing her own television show where she plans to interview inspirational Africans. Her hard work has seen her receive an Education UK Shine Award and a Global Citizen award.

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Mazuba Kapambwe, Co-Founder of c1rca 1964 and blogger

Now co-owns social media consulting firm C1rca 1964 in Lusaka, Zambia, Mazuba has packed in an incredible amount into her young life. Before relocating to Lusaka, Mazuba built up fantastic experience in various jobs in New York. To name but a few Mazuba was Afro-Entertainment correspondent on Radio Afro Australia; Jamati TV host on YouTube, where she interviewed African celebs like Van Vicker and Nonhle Thema; interned with luxury womenswear brand Mimi Plange which has been worn by Michelle Obama; featured on sites such as Is this Africa,, I am the Nu Black and named personality of the month (March 2012) by Addicted to Africa; featured on MTV Base Africa Meets Alek Wek which aired on the channel September 2012; honored to speak at a UN event and at Empower Zambia charity event which she still works with; the person that spearheaded the Clothes for Congo drive at her University; PR officer of the African Student Association….

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Change Kaswele, Fullbright Scholar

Not everyone gets the chance to put Fullbright Scholar on their CV. Change Kaswele has that honor. In 2012, she spent time researching the causes behind the high percentage of young women dropping out of secondary education in Zambia. She worked through the Forum for African Women Educationalists in Zambia (FAWEZA). Change focused on the organisation’s impact on women’s attitudes and retention rates. Her ultimate goal is to see young Zambian women complete school and become influential members of society. She is now pursuing her Masters at Emory State University in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Lukonga Lindunda, Co-Founder of BongoHive and MobileMondayLusaka

Lukonga runs BongoHive, a technology and innovation centre based in Lusaka, Zambia, provides a place for the local tech community to meet, swap experience, and attend training, networking and hackathon events.

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If you have any other suggestions, especially nominating the men, please let us know!