6 Lady Hogs, a Mongrel and an ‘Elephant Charge’ — raising money for wildlife conservation in Zambia

Sara Drawwater
21 September 2018
The Elephant Charge is thrilling annual fund raiser for teams of cars and motorbikes. It’s a gruelling course through the Zambian bush. And…

6 Lady Hogs, a Mongrel and an ‘Elephant Charge’ — raising money for wildlife conservation in Zambia

The Elephant Charge is thrilling annual fund raiser for teams of cars and motorbikes. It’s a gruelling course through the Zambian bush. And there’s no getting used to the course because it changes every year. In fact the location and course is kept top secret until circa 48 hours before the event begins! This year the mud, revving, winching and gritting of teeth kicks off on 29th September 2018.

Now in its 11th year, The Elephant Charge has raised over $755,000 for conservation in Zambia, with a focus on conservation through education.

The Mongrel is the Lady Hogs chariot — a BEAST of a vehicle made up of parts from a Land Rover, Toyota, Range Rover and aircraft parts!

The Lady Hogs are a team of 6 ladies — one of 32 teams entering this years event, and one of two all female teams! The Lady Hogs are the better halves of the 2017 Elephant Charge champions — The Mud Hogs (bar one swap due to unavailability). In 2017, the Lady Hogs raised $3,675 and came 22nd out of 28 teams — not bad for their first run!

They take on this fierce challenge for the second time because this group of hogs all believe in conservation education as an important part of conserving Zambia’s beautiful environment and wildlife. Quoting the Lady Hogs,

In the last year, we have seen unprecedented amounts of wildlife crime across the continent, including the illegal killing of elephants for their ivory. In order to protect the wildlife and natural resources of Zambia, it is essential to engage local communities on topics such as wildlife protection, sustainable natural resource practices and land management. Local communities need to have a sense of ownership of the natural resources. Education in the long term will create a generation of conservationists. The Elephant Charge, its participants, the beneficiaries and organisers are all part of the fight against the threat. Hopefully our tenacity, grit and determination will see us completing the course!

Meet the team

The Mongrel

  • Land Rover 110 body, Toyota gearbox and engine, Range Rover suspension and diffs, and just to shake it up a bit, there are even a couple of aircraft parts in this trusted steed!

Alessia Alvisini

  • Role — Short runner and sand ladders
  • Day Job — Consultant in HR and governance

Anita Balletto

  • Role — Team captain and driver
  • Day Job — Film fixing and logistics specialist, A to Z Solutions

Hanneke Hogerheijde

  • Role — Long runner
  • Day Job — Conservation Lower Zambezi projects coordinator

Niki Harris

  • Role — Long runner
  • Day Job — Special needs teacher

Sue Clubb

  • Role — Navigator
  • Day Job — Vet

Tash Bawden

  • Role — Winch and sand ladders
  • Day Job — Marketing and social media guru

Support the Lady Hogs

All funds raised go directly to The Elephant Charge and are divided out amongst its beneficiaries in the form of grants.

It’s not too late to become a sponsor or simply make a donation!

Follow their progress

Like their Facebook page for updates on their progress and to see them in action in the 2018 Elephant Charge!


The Elephant Charge teams have supported 17 conservation organisations and projects since 2008 with grants totalling $759,129. The money raised by the teams for the Elephant Charge 2018 will support conservation in Zambia through grants to the following organisations and projects:

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