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Lusaka, Zambia

Updated 9 months ago
A to Z Solutions was the first dedicated film fixing company to set up in Zambia. They help to coordinate filming projects in Zambia and handle all permits, press passes, filming applications as well as assisting with the temporary importation of equipment. Its award winning team has worked with Netflix, BBC, Renegade Pictures, Yuan Fang, Polyphon Film und Fernsehgesellschaft to name but a few, with crews from Canada, UK, USA, China, Germany, South Africa, Austria, The Netherlands and more! They offer location advise, planning, bookings, logistics management, vehicle hire, internal flights, and film fixing services tailored around each production company’s needs.

Contact info

Chifwema Road, Lusaka
Farm 4142/D1/J Chifwema Road, Chifwema Estates, Lusaka, Zambia
+ 260 978 057353
PO Box 356 Private Bag E017, Cross Roads, Lusaka, 10101, Zambia
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Film fixing destination management

A to Z Solutions handles all the aspects of licenses, permits, paperwork and immigration required for a smooth travel and filming experience. They also provide valuable location advice and introductions so your crew has access to the best filming locations at the right times, together with the right local people to make it happen.
Management of all licences, permits, paperwork and fees
All aspects of travel documents and immigration
Location advice and local introductions
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Film fixing destination management - 1
Film fixing destination management - 2
Film fixing destination management - 3
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Location advice and local introductions image
With extensive local knowledge, A to Z Solutions provides location advice such as logistics management and project viability, depending on things like weather conditions and accessibility. Through quality local relationships they can assist with introductions to local experts, celebrities, researchers and organisations.
Travel documents and immigration image
A to Z Solutions takes care of all immigration and Visa requirements and assists with the facilitation, coordination and application of Temporary Employment Permits through the Department of Immigration.
Licences, permits, paperwork and fees image
On behalf of their clients A to Z Solutions handle all required paperwork and fees relating to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

Film fixing logistics management

Through a network of established local relationships with third party suppliers, A to Z Solutions can handle all coordination, planning, bookings and payments on behalf of production companies. This includes accommodation, transport, catering in remote locations, equipment hire, provision supplies and facilitation of medical and emergency evacuation procedures.
Management and coordination of third party services
Coordination of your entire filming trip to suit your needs and budget
Ensuring international health and safety standards
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Film fixing logistics management - 1
Film fixing logistics management - 2
Film fixing logistics management - 3
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Health and safety image
A to Z Solutions understands the importance of meeting international health and safety standards. They recommend medical air evacuation cover which can be arranged through SES. In the event of an accident or medical emergency, your crew will be well taken care of whilst you reach your international insurer, who may not be as familiar with the situation on the ground as local teams. Depending on the circumstances, air evacuation would be to the nearest suitable facility, usually Johannesburg, South Africa.
Third party service management image
Take advantage of having just one point of contact with extensive local knowledge and contacts to help with achieving efficient positive outcomes. When you use A to Z Solutions there is no need for production companies to coordinate with multiple suppliers and services in an unfamiliar location with customs, cultures and working styles they may not be used to.

Media production

A to Z Solutions assists with the sourcing of appropriate equipment and bringing it into the country with Temporary Importation Permits. Although the filming industry is relatively young in Zambia, there are some local equipment hire options. However, they can be highly priced so A to Z Solutions does encourage self-sufficiency wherever possible.
Sourcing filming equipment for hire
Arranging Temporary Importation Permits for filming equipment
Power solution management and hire of Lithium batteries
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Media production - 1
Media production - 2
Media production - 3
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Lithium Battery Hire image
Since it is difficult to transport Lithium batteries by air, A to Z Solutions hires out its own VL-140 14.4V 140W/H V-LOK batteries and charging units.
Power requirements image
Due to the nature of filming in Zambia's remote locations which may not have main line electricity, A to Z Solutions can assist with a range of power solutions to suit your bespoke filming needs. ​
Temporary Importation Permits image
In order not to attract duty, Temporary Importation Permits (TIP) are required for any equipment entering and exiting Zambia. To ensure a smooth arrival and departure, A to Z Solutions offer personal airport assistance through customs.

Contact information

Chifwema Road, Lusaka
Farm 4142/D1/J Chifwema Road, Chifwema Estates, Lusaka, Zambia
+ 260 978 057353
PO Box 356 Private Bag E017, Cross Roads, Lusaka, 10101, Zambia

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