New passwordless login system

Luke Brown
Product update
1 September 2020
We're moving our login process to a "passwordless" SMS verification system to give our users the easiest, safest and fasted log in process possible.
  • As we discussed in our previous post, the majority of our users are now using mobile devices to access our website.
  • Our current email/password login process is the industry standard, but not the most suitable for our audience who don't necessarily use email as their primary means of communication.
  • To meet our audience where they are, their mobile device, we're moving our login process to an SMS based verification system. This is the primary method large institutions such as banks use to verify actions so much of our audience should already be familiar with it.
  • As an added bonus, dropping passwords means we upgrade our security (81% of breaches are due to poor passwords) and the user friendliness (passwords increase login friction by over 60%) of our website.