Zambia’s first dedicated film fixing company wins international media award

Sara Drawwater
6 September 2018
A to Z Solutions has won the TMT Media Award for best film fixing company in Zambia!

Zambia’s first dedicated film fixing company wins international media award

A to Z Solutions has won the TMT Media Award for best film fixing company in Zambia!

Those who receive this well earned accolade are rigorously assessed, so we salute Anita Balletto, Managing Director of A to Z Solutions for working hard to put Zambia on the filming destination map.

Since they began, A to Z Solutions have been involved in all kinds of wildlife documentaries, reality shows and filming projects.

This includes Zambia’s first ever Netflix commissioned feature film to be released in 2019, The Ivory Game (also by Netflix) and Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

With her extensive 20 years of experience in operations and logistics in the tourism industry, her passion for conservation, and quality local contacts, Anita is very well suited to providing exactly what film crews need to create the programmes we so love to watch.

Anita says, “Having always been involved in the tourism sector in Africa and passionate about conservation, I believe in a holistic view where our ecosystems will only survive if financially viable, which in turn is very dependent on tourism income.”

“It is estimated that around 80% of tourists base their holiday choices on what they see in the media, so if A to Z Solutions can help to facilitate world class film crews to showcase what Zambia has to offer, and help share some of our country’s best kept secrets, then we have a win win situation… I love a challenge and the more bizarre the request the more driven I am to making it happen!”

According to a TMT article that features Anita Balletto and A to Z Solutions, “Zambia is a country that has until very recently been overlooked as a destination for filming and is one of Africa’s hidden gems. A country with rich diversity of fauna and flora, as well as the vibrant varied cultures makes Zambia a producers’ dream when it comes to narrating and documenting numerous untold stories.”

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A to Z Solutions have worked with BBC, Renegade Pictures and Tigress Productions, and film crews from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa and China. They facilitate all aspects of film projects such as location advice, planning, booking, logistics management, permits, licences and equipment hire, offering film fixing services that are tailored around each production company’s needs and requirements.