Boreholes businesses in Zambia

In Zambia boreholes are regularly drilled in both rural and urban areas to provide water for industrial as well as domestic use. Borehole companies often offer complete packages that include hydro geological surveys, water well drilling, storage tanks, pump installations and testing. This Infobwana section includes enterprises that provide borehole and drilling services as well as pumps powered by electricity, solar or wind.
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Davis and Shirtliff image
Davis and Shirtliff
Pumps and equipment
Lusaka +6
Davis & Shirtliff provides the region with a wide selection of water pumps for different applications. The extensive range includes pumps from leading world manufacturers. This company's expertise is in the supply of borehole equipment, including quality pumps from Grundfos, Pedrollo, Dayliff and others.
Rugare Enterprises Ltd image
Rugare Enterprises Ltd
ABB Variable Speed Drives
Rugare Enterprises is an authorised distributor and channel partner of a wide selection of ABB variable speed drives (VSDs). The company also supplies a variety of Agripac control switches, fuses and holders, transducers as well as Mylar cables. Rugare is committed to improving the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries.
Finecop Zambia Ltd image
Finecop Zambia Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Finecop Zambia distributes high-quality Tormac pumps and other equipment including stainless steel submersible pumps, 4' thermoplastic submersible pumps, 6' and 8' cast-iron submersible pumps, submersible motors, centrifugal pumps, peripheral pumps, uPVC riser pipes, submersible cables, control boxes, and panels.
Aquaquest Ltd image
Aquaquest Ltd
Borehole Inspections
Have you ever wondered why your borehole is not working as it should, how deep it is and how far the casing goes down, why and where the pump is stuck, what casing pipe the driller has actually installed, or why the borehole water is brown? Aquaquest can assist to investigate these issues quickly and in a cost-effective way, using a borehole camera, and advise on the best approach to repair and improve the borehole.
Waterman Ltd image
Waterman Ltd
Pumps and equipment
All the pumps and related equipment sold by Waterman are supported by the Speroni manufacturer's guarantee and come with after-sales support. Waterman has a neat and well-equipped repairs workshop in Lusaka and a team of specialists including engineers, pump technicians and pump fitters.
Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd image
Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Simply Red provides pumping solutions for water, chemicals and beverages. The company supplies submersible pumps, solar pumps, orbit hand pumps and various other pumps. Usage ranges from residential and light commercial, to sewer installation and complete pumping management systems.
Working with Siemens, who offer transmission and automation systems, United Chemolide is able to provide economical, efficient and reliable water supply solutions for housing, irrigation and water works. Since 1986 United Chemolide has run a KSB pump assembling and manufacturing unit.
Zamcapitol Enterprises Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Customers in Zambia looking for pumps and other water supply equipment for homes and farms will find a comprehensive range at Zamcapitol Enterprises in Lusaka. The Enterprises manufacture and supply windmills, treadle pumps, water pumps, irrigation pipes, water tank stands and poly tanks, catering for all kinds of water supply needs.
Manzi Drilling and Construction provides high quality borehole drilling and construction services to the Central and Southern Africa region. They constantly upgrade the drilling rigs to suit the ever changing market demands, delivering a high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and value for money.
Geotech Zambia Ltd
Geotech Zambia offer a reliable and result oriented professional service for both industrial and residential plots. They have experience in handling large contracts. Its services include ground water exploration, exploitation and development; geophysical surveys; borehole drilling and installation services.
Muhanya Solar Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Solar powered water pumps deliver drinking water, bathing water, and water for livestock and irrigation purposes. These pumps are particularly useful for small scale agriculture, domestic or community-based projects. Muhanya Solar has different sizes of solar water pumps to meet your needs.
Growmore Technologies Ltd image
Growmore Technologies Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Growmore Technologies offers a complete range of energy efficient centrifugal, submersible and di-watering pumps. There is also an array of accessories including gland packing, foot valves and circlips. Their skilled team of engineers provide design assistance, troubleshooting, service, as well as repair.
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd image
Saro Agro Industrial Ltd
Pumps and equipment
Lusaka +2
With outlets in Lusaka, Kitwe, and Mkushi, Saro Agro Industrial stocks different models of Caprari and Kirloskar pumps to suit specific customer requirements. It also offers Speroni and Mono models. For irrigation solutions, Saro has a range of sprinklers and systems, from small-scale models to sophisticated self-propelled systems.


In Zambia boreholes are regularly drilled in both rural and urban areas to provide water for industrial as well as domestic use. Borehole companies often offer complete packages that include hydro geological surveys, water well drilling, storage tanks, pump installations and testing. This Infobwana section includes enterprises that provide borehole and drilling services as well as pumps powered by electricity, solar or wind.
For people and businesses, especially in rural areas, who are developing their own water supply facilities here are companies that provide high quality borehole related installations for private and commercial customers. This section includes enterprises in Zambia that provide borehole and water well drilling services. Water is one of the world’s most valuable commodities, and a vital one for our survival. Find companies that will drill your own independently owned water borehole drilled and installed anywhere in Zambia. Drill boreholes to: feed animals, supply stables etc., top up ponds and lakes, water gardens, run irrigation systems and most importantly supply fresh drinking water.
This section includes enterprises in Zambia that pumps powered by electricity, solar or wind. In general these enterprises cater for both industrial and domestic water supply needs in Zambia. Find suppliers of a range of submersible borehole pumps which can be suitable for installation in wells. Borehole pumps can be used to extract water and other liquids from underground sources. While pump sizes may vary greatly depending on their purpose, each pump usually has a compact, cylindrical shape designed to fit inside a borehole. The pumps are operated using an electric motors. Hand pumps can also be installed for communities.

Search Zambia’s leading companies that provide professional borehole drilling services on Infobwana. Some also supply water pumps and related accessories and equipment.

Borehole drilling

Boreholes are one of the best means of accessing clean water. In Zambia, they are drilled using a motorised drilling rig. This undertaking requires specialised knowledge and technical expertise, which is readily available.

Boreholes vary in design and depth depending on the level of the water table, the quantity of water stored in the ground and the requirements of the customer. Typically they are between 60 - 120 metres deep. In basic terms there are usually two pipes involved in the final borehole installation – an outer metal pipe (casing), and a plastic inner pipe which slides down inside it, with the lower segments of the pipe slotted to allow water access. Normally the inner pipe is at least 4" in diameter to accommodate a 3” or 4” borehole pump. The piping must be surrounded by gravel to prevent dirt clogging up the plastic pipe; and it must be sealed near the surface using a special grout. This grout usually goes down as far as the impermeable ground layer and is designed to avert contamination from surface water entering the borehole. The outer metal casing pipe is usually required to be at least 6" diameter.

Are you going to find water?

Companies can undertake preliminary assessments to avoid a dry borehole. This is to give you an increased chance of finding water suitable for your requirements. However, drilling any borehole involves risk - the borehole may have to be drilled deeper than planned; the water may not be of the required quality; or the water output may not be sufficient.

To reduce the risk, it is advisable that a hydro-geological assessment is conducted prior to drilling, and the drilling contractor's terms and conditions are checked carefully.

Pumps and equipment

Once the borehole is drilled and lined, the pump can be installed. Pumps and relate equipment and accessories can be purchased from reliable suppliers. Some of these companies are also able to provide full installation services as well as maintenance and repair.

Pump installations

Before installation, the company will identify the client's requirements and offer one or more design options. Once agreed, engineers and project managers ensure the equipment is correctly sourced and installed, and fully commissioned. Full service and maintenance packages are available upon request.

Turnkey project steps (based on pump solutions):

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance