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Solar alarm lamps

1. Solar motion activated- Sensitive motion sensor will detect any movement within 5-8 meters and activate the sound light alarm, sound arises and strobe light on,129 db loud alarm.

2. Work modes are optional you can choose

  • 24 hours with flash and alarm
  • 24 hours with flash but without alarm
  • 12 hours with flash and alarm
  • 12 hours with flash but without alarm.

3. Durable & Waterproof - The motion sensor noise maker is made of high-quality ABS material for durable use; IP65-rated water resistant with sturdy casing, allowing your solar alarm lights outdoors in all climates.

4. The sun charges automatically - After fully charged 6-8 hours under sunlight, the sound alarm can work for about 30 days. No worry run out of power.

5. Widely used - The solar alarm motion detector with a remote controller is suitable for houses, farms, villas, yards, etc.

Price / Discount / Deal
k650 a piece and K1,500 for three
+260 772024096
Solar alarm lamps
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