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Acil Investments Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Building materials
Construction equipment hire
Based in Lusaka, Mazabuka and Monze, Acil Investments manufactures high quality blocks, bricks, pavers and kerbstones, as well as Santex paints. Their range of products caters for all kinds of building development, including townhouse complexes and shopping centres. Acil also offers a large fleet of earthmoving and construction equipment for hire. It regularly services all of its machinery and equipment to ensure superior performance.

Building materials

Acil Investments specialises in high quality blocks in standard sizes of 4’’, 6’’and 8’’ that are often used in up stair construction. Coming in different designs, this company also offers pavers, kerbstones and interlocking blocks. All products go through strict quality control procedures.


Residential paving – Acil Investments manufactures a selection of concrete paving products for discerning residential paving clients. Their range includes concrete pavers for pools, walkways, driveways, step and patios.

Commercial paving - pavers manufactured for the professional. Cement pavers for public spaces, car parks, shopping centres, residential estates and paved roads.

Civil and industrial paving - specifically designed for industrial and run-off areas. Acil Investments offers a range for roads, kerbing, traffic circles, factories, specialised heavy duty concrete pavers.

Kerbstones - Kerbs for use in a variety of applications. One of the uses is as barrier kerbs to secure roadways and prevent vehicles from travelling into or onto barricaded sections. Acil’s quality is very consistent and kerbs can be produced in large quantities.

Sandex paints – Acil is a supplier of Sandex paints for interior and exterior painting. The company also manufactures and supplies their own paint which is locally called Santex.

On time delivery – Aware of the challenges facing their clients on sites, Acil delivers for orders of 1000 blocks and above within Lusaka. It is their commitment to ensure on time deliveries, allowing no time wastage on the client’s side.

Building materials
Acil Investments Ltd · Building materials

Construction equipment hire

Acil Investments hires out graders, loaders, rollers, excavators, tippers and much more. This service entails providing quality equipment, at competitive prices that is delivered on time. Where necessary transport is also arranged. Acil’s team of operators are fully licensed and follow strict safety procedures onsite.

Why should you buy earth moving and construction equipment when you can hire? Acil Investments can supply a wide selection of machinery for various construction needs. Their team of operators possess vast experience in the industry and can help you choose the right equipment for your job.

With a fully equipped workshop, Acil Investments is dedicated to carrying out quality servicing to ensure every equipment performs at its best for their customers.

Construction equipment hire
Acil Investments Ltd · Construction equipment hire
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